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Latest Update: Final Image: the traveller

This is the final image, the result of a few working hours, like the
rest of the participants. I have enjoyed much in this work and of the
people who have visited post in search of aid and improvement of my
work, I am in favor very contented because I have had the opportunity
to know but people whom it likes just like my. The art in general. For
that reason I want to thank to all this people smaddl, Davee, RealCapri ,Abishai,alexichabane
Newt#, Bealobo, Blackdragoncg,Zethriel
kentT, suk-grigorij, Zyect, Swamps
arlutik, mmbenya, neo_sk8rider, Virtuoso, Gunilla, kuzgunoglu, manikantkujur, ilusiondigital, dvelasco
( a Javier Artes por sus buenos consejos :))
Thanks to all and much luck
It has been a very beneficial experience.
Pierre Bixquert


This drawing shows to the concept of my work and the disposition of the elements. A man or woman dragged by a creature.


Modeling work, the creature !!



More Detail!!


good work so far, original idea :slight_smile:


Thanks Jelmer!!


very nice idea. great start on modeling.


Woaw, what a model, really impresive. head remind me gorgones with snake uppon his head.

good luck


Your idea looks cool… looking forward to the final result :slight_smile:


Very good concept and very interesting. Good modeling.

Good Luck!


Thanks for all :slight_smile:

in just a short time I am going to finish the creature.

Later I am going to prepare the other personage.

I am not safe if I want to make a woman or a man.

Thanks… :slight_smile:


Great concept, it’s very original and really stands out agoinst most in the challenge. Your modeling is comming along nicely. The character has a very smooth and flowing shape, and your geometry looks very clean. I’m really looking forwards to see it completed. Alexi


Now, thats my kind of poison :buttrock: .

Tentacles, twisted bodies … show us more!


Thank’s for all , more detail for the Creature… :slight_smile:


Modeling Woman, :love:


continuing with the model, I have chosen that will be a woman, now
with more details.



I like the concept, it´s different from most.
What color scheme are you using? the one from the sketch? This image will end up looking so nice… this woman floating around… travelling in the jellyfish-kind of creature.

I thought of it as a time traveller, like a metaphore of the humans as servants of time, but surpringsly I thought of the driver as an old man that simbolizes the time pass with a creature… :slight_smile: ok! you don´t have to listen anyway I´m just letting my head go.

The models are going really well but I think there are some details to smooth out, I don´t know if they are the finished version anyway, but my two cents:
Watch out the tentacles because some of them have polygons crossed and that will look weird when textured.
And also in the eyes area, just at the end of the eyes, those polygons should be smoother and more curved (puedes mover los puntos hacia atrás, para que no se vea como un hueco, es como si le cortas la cabeza a la altura de los ojos y miras desde arriba que se vea una línea general más curva).

And Suerte (good luck) of course, because you´re right there, this competition is full of great works!


Hello Beatriz!
thanks for your commentaries, the final image was just as the sketch.
The creature with tentacles, has human characteristics but I do not want to give too much importance him because she is of wood, like a compact cord

The traveller will be a Elfa woman, I have thought to dress it in a layer, but I am not safe. I must finish the model. The Elfa woman better will be worked…

Thanks again.

I wish much Luck you.


Continuously with the model, I have now already a part of the body.
I will not put a shelter on the character, I want to make it more erotic


Hello Pierre, Wow pretty cool model :thumbsup: you have made there…Nice and fresh too looks like lightwave?..Good luck with the rest of the project…see ya round here again soon…bye