Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pierre Bourgeot


Kaksht: thanks dude, good call, I’ll raise his head up a bit

bealobo: thanks, yeah triangle comp is the goal here, glad it’s working out.

dmonk: thanks, hades is suposs to have his evil energy coming out his evil hand to show how evil he is, cause he’s so evil. evil :twisted:

Why are the days getting nicer…that’s more evil than anything, how am I suposs to finish this challenge!! hahaha


I see where Monsitj is coming from! I too think a long portrait format would help. I see a long wide banner behind him drapped down towards his chair, and the smoke from the smoke pans, curdling upwoulds :slight_smile:

Hav’a good day modeling, mate


Great update Pierre. I love the crystal feel of the atmosphere you have going on, I can see you are experimenting with different camera angles for the shot, that’s a good idea. I’m looking forward to seeing the animal in the composition and how you’d do the special effects to bring all the dead souls into the picture.

Now for the crits: - I’m not quite sure about Hades’ pose and the way his hand is oriented or maybe even modeled(not quite sure). But i think you might want to give it a second look. His pose seems too static and not expressive enough. I think you’d want to rotate the spine and thrust one of his legs forward or back, changing the camera angle might bring more dynamic and expression of his pose.
- The girl seems to have anatomical issues as well as how it is posed out. The middle of her arm seems squished and deformed, as well as her wrist to hand section. Her mid torso(below the breasts) seems too long and her pelvis is too wide. Her right leg doesn’t seem to attach to the rest of her body too well. I think all of these are caused by rigging or weighting issues.

You might want to adress these critiques, and wish you all the luck as the competion nears its end.


nice job, really awesome piece of work on this thread. I like your works… :slight_smile: GO!

…and …very nice comment Jinian.


Long time no see everybody, the challenge is getting to its end and I decided to get back to it in an attempt to finish it. The 3 headed dog is lirking in the darkness guarding the underworld. I may just keep it very light in texturing, started on that a bit. Lighting has to be reworked to match the light sources that will be coming from the big torches. I cross my fingers hoping I can finish.



Louis J. Browne: Thanks for your input, I hope composition is getting better

Jinian: Thanks a lot for your detailed critic, I have limited time to make all those changes but there is still some areas you mentioned I would like to review, in next update maybe? :wip:

Maxko: Thanks!


great model and texture. i like you concept it nice image
good luck


Haven’t read all critics on this …so forgive me if i repeat anything…

First i am glad uare still on this…second i really like your version of the dog quardian …meaning so big and in the back…

what simply doesn’t feel well is the high contrast betwwen color and Black and white in the back…maybe it needs some more dramatic lighting in front and just tone a bit down the blue coloring in front…just an idea…i hope i helped…keep going man :slight_smile:


Hi there Pierre!

Good to see You back here, i though that You aint gonna post no more updates.
Nice really nice update. Everything looks quite nice here. Well, maybe You could give to the eyes of cerberus some red glow, to make him more angry, dunno.
Anyways, good luck and hope that You will finish!


great to see you back to work…the image is great tho more needs to be done in order to finish it. can’t wait you get back and finish Vlassic, it’s gonna rock this place…front page for sure. i wish you good luck with this challenge !



hey man! now don’t tell me one of the most promising work in the contest won’t be finished! I can imagine only very important issues which want you not to finish on time.
what a pity! :cry:


yeah…hehe couldn’t finish that one, I just wasn’t sure where I was going with it but it was so much fun, I’ll definitely give it a shot next challenge!! U guys rock, thanks for all your support. :thumbsup:



This is shaping up to be a really powerful image…Good luck =BlackNull=;)


Yeah this was a tough one, It seems alot of the 3D lot didn’t finish this one, me included. I’ll still complete it none-the-less? How about you, what’s next?
Cya next comp Black.


Thanks again to everybody for taking the time to comment and critic, it always helps to have tons of different eyes ans opinions on your work.

Louis J. Browne: what’s next? well…time to finish the centaur…and maybe start another character on the side…



whoa very nice image,

weirdly your image relate quite strongly to my ‘so-called’ spiritual journey lol :twisted:

anyways, i’m still a newbie in art but perhaps some ‘cliche’ line pointing towards the center helps direct the audiences’ eyes imho…

anyways, very nice indeed

take care


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