Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pierre Bourgeot


oustanding modeling ,:thumbsup:
u re very talented my friend, go on go on more updates:bounce:


Awesome models you have here. Great work. Keep it up.

See ya


fabianloing: Thanks! hey buddy, I’m keeping an eye on you! I’ll come visit sometimes, give u some carrots and change your water :smiley: . (inside joke)

patina: Thanks, lots of work ahead indeed :wip:

the1st_angel: hey dude, hahaha man that stupid circle would not disapear, u guessed right about the reason it’s doing that, at least that’s what I think it is, but I just can’t get rid of it…it’s cursed or something :cry: I was shocked I can model cute characters too!!! hahaha I was like…something’s not right, where are her massive muscles and her shield!!! Thanks for the kind words.

Mr Micro26: Hey!! Thanks, more updates is a GREAT idea, I shall update tonight.

Abishai_: Thanks, glad u like it :slight_smile:


great image you have and keep up the work…:thumbsup:

3d m&s


whoa pierre! i havent seen this! hehe looks fantastic i like all the subtleties you were able to give her , im looking trying to find something to crit and there isnt much for me to say, beautiful proportions man. :slight_smile:

oh that circle is from your backlight not having “shadows on” or the opacity of it (cant remeber what xsi calls it) being set too high lower it and it will dissapear or just have it cast shadows


^ ^ umbra :cool:

your girl is looking awsome bro, i await your update. hopefuly your renovations wont take to much longer :banghead: :wip:




looking very well’mate…good anatomy working:)


An update at last, added big candles in the back, posed the characters, placed some props, moved points around here and there to finally pull them back to their original spot, u know the drill…:slight_smile: Still lots to do…but slowly getting there! There is going to be fire or energy of some sort coming out from hades hand, I’ll have to play around with it. cheers


wow!..perfect update:thumbsup: and servant is so pretty!!:slight_smile: nice comp.


One of my favourite thread. Graat MAN! I love this work :drool:


nice update…only comment at this point is you might try throwing a relax on the wrinkles…they look very rigid…maybe only relax them isn some places…great stuff though



Looking brilliant Blacknull, although the mood so far feels very ‘metallic’, perhaps its the stiffness of the wrinkles, you could maybe tone those down a bit…


wow… great stuff. I hope one day i too can poduce artwork of this intesity :slight_smile:

on thing it looks like your sss shadin scaling is gone out (the girl)… im sure youor onto that though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you Hades look like an inhospitable dude and the things you surrounds him with is not warm and exactly friendly… :applause: you have a very good work going here, indeed…


modeling and lighting is awesome! can’t believe you model that wrinkle ,!!! some suggestion is you can put more space in upper area , so maybe your layout will be protrait ,it will give your charactor more powerful , maybe you have something in your head ! so keep update!man!


awesome update pierre, my only critiques would be hades hand thats up in the air , now that its posed the outer part (top of hand) of the hand or bottom as it is right now looks a bit too flat, maybe you lost some volume when you deformed it. Other than that i think its an amaing piece and i really hope it makes it into print. best of luck pierre


hands0nfire, goktug, Maxko, makaron: :buttrock:

Heber: hey buddy, thanks for your kind words, means a lot. If what u said fixes that %#%# circle artifact, I’m gonna be so happy, still haven’t tried. Yeah I think I need to add more volume in the hand, kinda flat indeed, good eye. Can’t wait for your next character heb :wip:

XsifoX: Thanks dude, renovation is a pain, but I should be able to finish this piece in time…i hope.

rizob, PBlades: Hey guys!!! Thanks, I might go back to change the wrinkles if it bugs me too much once the textures are there, thanks for your comments!

revilo3D: Thanks, there is sss on the girl bu different setting, I didn’t take the time to adjust it yet :thumbsup:

monsitj: Hi mate, Thanks for your thoughts on this, I will definitely give it a try and it could add a new perspective to the piece.


Hey Pierre, nice update, love the pose of the characters, well, maybe Hades head could be little bit higher, IMHO the he would look more stronger. Models look great, and i just cant wait til You texture everything:bounce:


hey! this piece is looking awesome, you really have great modeling skills.
The composition is strong too, a well-based triangle.


Coming together nicely!

Is he supposed to be holding a Goblet or something?