Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pierre Bourgeot


Great work, mate. How did I missed it before. nofing to cric really. Congrats on the skulls. My favorite. Nice idea too. Most impresions on cloth. Good luck


Like the style


EVIL and niiice…

love to see some scenecompo soon…



Long time no see everybody, haven’t managed to do much lately but here are some renders of Persephone who will be laying beside Hades. She will have a dress but will still be showing some skin.


Some close ups…


and she looks incredible:eek:


the1st_angel: Thanks! I’m glad u like where this is going, I don’t see the end of it but hopefully I’ll manage to finish :smiley:

razielo, riki, suk-grigorij: Thanks guys, the skull will be used in different areas so I thought I’d put some detail on it, glad u like it :slight_smile:

eddieellis, harshal_deorey, Louis J. Browne: Thanks people :thumbsup:

Crazydesign: Thanks! I’d love to see some scene compo soon as well hahaha :smiley:

jdsb: Thanks man, that was a quick reply for the girl, just posted her seconds ago haha :thumbsup:


You are great modeler, great artist. I like this work. Can you show wire pls ? :slight_smile:


wow!! fantastic work :applause: :applause::applause:


:slight_smile: Hey this is too great man.
Outstanding modeling and great skills u ve got:thumbsup:
Go on go on


some wires for you guys, could be cleaner but oh well hehe


Your modeling is awesome Pierre! Nice mesh!
I´m anxious to see the textures!! What you did in the centaur was amazing!
Keep it up mate!!:thumbsup:


ouuu that’s great modeling :slight_smile: WOW


You thought about doing a modeling video tut? >>
I’m sure you personally could make a $ > just doing what you normally do^ I’d watch it for sure.

I saw your texturing skillZ* on your other model, Wicked Sick* It’s almost frightening to know you’ll texture this next, I’m already waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweets from see this much!

< I truly fear you…
But am inspired 10 fold to do better, thanks man!*

#Oh and how would you like the Boxx wrapped sir?


Very impressive body modeling Pierre… great quality :thumbsup:


looking better and better, still going strong.

keep it up man.



It’s been hard to keep focus on the challenge since there is a lot of renovations going on in my place, I really appreciate the support, means a lot. I hope it all goes smoothly for all of u in the challenge, and don’t forget to have fun! :bounce:

Maxko, smaddl, Mr Micro26, mecman, Lemog, Crazydesign: Thanks to all of ya, your support makes it that much more enjoyable.

Louis J. Browne: Thanks for your kind words, I’d like to do a modeling video tut one day, but first I’d like to keep on improving myself and find easier, faster ways to model, find a method easy to teach easy to learn. I’m glad u like the beast as well, take care :thumbsup:

more updates coming soon!


hei pierre,

just want to say i really love the female model you made.
it looks really cool and the wires is really very nice. Keep it coming, i really can’t wait to see you making another crazy kick ass model!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

btw, best of luck!




I Like your female, nice form and weight, a lot of work still ahead, texturing , uv mapping
is so time consuming!

good luck

excellent render, I like it, keep it up :thumbsup:
Follow the null and u will find the answer… become the null and u will be giving the answer…


Awesome model pierre! the shader looks fine, just a q: is the circle on her left ey transluscent backlightprojection pressing trought the sss, texture or a hard light?
hahaha, i was schocked you can mode CUTE characters as well :eek: ?:stuck_out_tongue:
no real crits, loving your skills always did and really enjoy what you do. keep on rocking!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: