Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pierre Bourgeot


Hi guys, here is a skull that will be used in various areas. I have been working on different things, cerberus, background props ect… but it’s not ready to be posted yet.


hi everybody, sorry for slow updates, been working on various stuff but still not getting what I want, the skull is not totally accurate, I took some liberty with it. :slight_smile:

mikkislehtola, crapple, S.DIMIS:, Claireabella, MDN67, el_newty: big thanks for your comments! :slight_smile:

Kid Mesh: Thanks, I’m glad it’s giving that effect! :thumbsup:

Kaksht: Thanks dude, I will tweak the specs once i get too texturing :wink:

Versiden: Thanks man, bones, skulls…u will have everythig on the menu hehe :twisted:

tilite: THanks! sorry for slow updates, lot more detail is to come. :slight_smile:


Oh… fantastic stuffs here Pierre… congratulation… Hadès is perfect.
Only a little thing disturb me… The clothes on the floor seem to much symetrical… but certainly that will be less visible with textures and appropriate framing…
Anyway, a true good work for me… another masterpiece here :thumbsup:
Your skull started very well… that remember me my machineFlesh period… hahaha…

Good continuation mate… and thanks for your good words on my thread :smiley:


pierre…youe entry is coming along in top notch fashion,and I think the character work along with the extras are done with great execution…Your character has personality in his face,alot of depth…very well done,keep coming as you are,it’s fun to follow…I’ll be looking out for more as you move along…Keep up the very nice work here…:arteest:


really amazing modelling, i’m loving this. I’m definitly gonna follow this threat:thumbsup:


great progress man that model of teh skull looks great man… awesome stuff…


Great stuff man! I love your work…Keep it up.:applause:


damn! thats a nice skull! wanna see more of ur entry! keep it up! good luck m8!


dont worry black… that update did not disappoint in the slightest… that is possible the best skull ive seen modelled!!

great work


Same here, looks like the shader is working very well on this one!

You have really cool details on your meshes, simply amazing


Wow, great model of the skull, looks really great, for sure man. Nothing to crit on this one. Just love the SSS here :slight_smile:


I like your idea man! good modelling


An awesome skull… great stuff! :thumbsup: Claireabella


Beautiful work & I love the stylized sculpting. I reckon you could zoom in on Hades so he fills more of the frame- it’d be a shame to have him so small in the final pic with all that amazing detail- & it’d save you some time on the other modelling too. Maybe it could be a more head-on triangular composition, portrait aspect, with Hades in his throne towering over some tormented souls cowering below?


Hi guys!!! Any composition suggestion would be greatly appreciated, I’m still trying to figure it out :wip: . Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

d-tox, Neeno, rynomyte, Kaksht, Marcus_B, Claireabella: Thanks to all of you for your comments!

Lemog: Thanks a lot for your comment, I’m hoping the composition will get rid of the symmetry look, but if it doesn’t, shouldn’t be too hard to move stuff around to make it less linear. But first, I really have to settle on a camera angle :argh:

Virtuoso: Hey mate, thanks for your good words, I’ll try to keep those updates comin’! On your side, i’m eager to see your next update :thumbsup:

tilite: hehe thanks, it’s just that I was hoping for things to get faster, oh well…

jmBoekestein: Thanks dude, I feel like a kid with his new toy when playing with shaders lol :smiley:

`mb: Thanks so much for your suggestion regarding the composition, I really need you guys ideas on composition right now since I’m struggling to settle on an idea.


hehe, sorry for took me so long to pop up! Fantastic progerss, and i love the trone and the great dynamic way you bring the clothes into place! awesome! keep it up Pierre, rox godly!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


wow! that skull is really freakin’ cool ! BRAVO :applause:



Great Skull, the textures look errie


great so far dude, looking forward to seeing it all come togeather


hey man, this is one more in the list to appriciate your great work you have a real stuff man we all can learn so much from your artistic sense…keep it up. :slight_smile: