Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pierre Bourgeot


Hey Man! Your work is amazing!!! I liked the cloths really very detailed! I like it!! :bounce:


you amaze me ! everything you do is soo cool…this is just modeling right ? (can’t wait to see textures also…:bounce: )



looking good pierre,
couple things that stand out to me that you could work on :
his clothes are overly wrinkled i dont think any kind of fabric wrinkles like this. If you relaxed the wrinkles in a few areas it would look more believable .
As for the face the lips need a bit more volume , esp. the top one and also the eyebrows look a bit flat too. Ill keep an eye on this man , best of luck in the challenge llooking forward to final image :slight_smile:


…oh sflit! …this is ADIS :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: … :deal: :deal:



Very cool. I was wondering what his face would look like in the end because it has such pronounced features!!! Seems really cool. Can’t wait to see the other bit and bytes in place!:thumbsup:




very nice work on the clothes/robes, like the concept too!
top shelf stuff…


thats just, rocking, love it, se you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Very nice work so far man keep up the excellent work.:thumbsup:


First of all, a BIG thank you to everybody, this challenge is quite a challenge and you guys turn the whole thing into a wild party, it makes it ever more pleasurable. It’s my first time taking on the task to do a still image and I am figuring out lots of things as I go, composition being a major one. Lets hope i have time to add *Persephone in the piece standing by Hades side, the piece is very dark and a little female touch would help to balance things out.

*Persephone is the daughter of Zeus who became the goddess of the underworld when Hades abducted her.

But there is still so much to model that I don’t see the end of it already :cry:

eddieelis, arlutik, Neeno, marc_lauper, icedeyes, jddog, Ravendsg, jowens, Mr Micro26, splotch, mmbenya, mecman, Smaw, Wandddo, razielo, jmBoekestein, jdsb, Poisen, alex.h., AnOldFriend: big thanks to all of u

Climax: hahaha almost there??? I wish hehe

mireneye: I really appreciate your encouragments, I’m still figuring out composition and nothing is final yet, things may very well be moved around a bit, I think he is going to need his right hand to hold persephone, but still very unsure, thanks for your concern :slight_smile:

Swamps: hahahaha thanks for the good laugh…haha u’re giving me ideas now, what if persephone held the toilet roll!!! haha

reiv: Thanks for your sharp eye on this, I think I will go more towards abyss kinda look like u mentionned, I am brainstorming ideas right now.

Heber: Thanks a lot for your input, for the wrinkles, I am intentionally making them over defined, I kinda like this look. Thanks for sharing your point of view as it is always interesting to hear opinions. I hope I can finish this…I’ll twick things on the head if I have time but from where he will be standing mostly his main features will be showing.

DimitrisLiatsos: hehe


Really cool fabric, love the concept! :bowdown:


Very nice work cant wait too see more


Very very nice…I love the darkness it invokes :twisted:

Excellent job :applause:


Beautiful reperesantation of the Hades god.And the concept with the clothes is beautiful,creates a dynamic scene.

Congratz.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Nice one here Pierre, really looks great :thumbsup:

One crit, the cloth looks too much specular but i’m sure that You will fix that later whne You texture everything. Ok looking forward for more updates.

Good luck mate!


Hi Pierre. That gown looks fab. Good luck. :slight_smile: Claireabella


very good modeling, very realistic, i like this scene, very good work:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


excellent man… wow…

I think the throne itself could use more character, like maybe skulls or tortured souls coming out of it…



this is great work man but we need that update:)

are u goign to add ornate details into the sculpture behind him?


Great modeling, very expressive :thumbsup: