Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pierre Bourgeot


Cool stuff Blacknull, I really like he stylized quality of your faces/charcters.
good luck


well guys, here is an update, as u can see, I’ve continued on the clothes of Hades and did his scepter and hands. I started boxing out some pillars in the back to have a feel of where i’m going with this scene in terms of environment.


here is another angle :slight_smile:


looking awsome dude… keep it up… nothing to crit


Very nice modeling, wouldn’t want him as a master


:thumbsup: hey dood… sorry i havnt replied to your thread earlier i’ve missed alot but this is fanatic and fantastic work from you man once again… looking awesome… Ooooo another hades!! ahahah reat stuff dude… lucky im not modeling hades ay :stuck_out_tongue: great stuff man/. honestly… good luck with the challenge my friend :smiley:


Really great, clean modeling. Like it very much; especially the face! :thumbsup:



• Hey, you are almost there! is not fair, wait for us!! great job Pierre :thumbsup:


very imposing figure… great work:thumbsup:


wow that’s really a beautiful work, congrats !!!



Really beautiful and Majestic!!! I’ll bow to it :D, but i rather do this=> :bounce: Great job!!! :buttrock:


Allright looking very, very good so far. I have only one thing that bothers me, In the concept image he is holding his scepter in his right hand. But in the modelled scene he is holding it in his left, you should decide if he is left or right handed, beacuse it might have an impact on the final image!.

Keep it up!


No crits at this point, great work! I really like what you did with his facial modelling (and his crown, looks very cool). The fabric looks really good too, look forward to seeing some more!


yeap this is gonna end up beautiful:bounce:
your clothing is super :thumbsup:


hey there,
thats really awsome i like your style, the clothes looks royal ,
well done mat
[color=white]I wish you all the luck to achieve your expectations[/color]


Top, top quality stuff.

The only thing missing is the toilet roll holder! :scream:


Wow, excellent work, gotta love his robes. Yeah, the way that you are going with the environment works very well. Looking forward to your next update.



Really good work :thumbsup:

Just one thing bothers me: the background design looks too straight and angular to me since it’s supposed to take place in hell.


Nice! I love the details!! the clothes are amazing!!
great work Pierre, as always!:beer:


Looks awsome, Pierre :slight_smile: