Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pierre Bourgeot


Some different angles…


excellent modelling:thumbsup: one suggestion, the leg muscles seem to be too fat, wl there be something in his lap i just love the face, yup, thats hades allright:)


geat stuff … if this is anything like your minatour it will rock … great mood as well

the legs do look funky but your wippin still :thumbsup:


awsome modelling dude, great lighting too !.. remindes me of “The Cell”


I don’t know if these will be visible in the final image, but the knees of your character look
a lil bit unnatural. they are far too less detailed. especially in comparision to your great head model. one more thing: did you thought about showing feet and ankles of your king? could look interesting in black sandals.


fantastic modeling :applause: :applause:


razielo: thanks man, talking about vlassic, can’t wait to go back to it once this is done :wink:

Miezis: Thanks for your suggestions, I knew I wanted some kind of river but never looked further into it, it was going to be the souls crawling at the feet of the stairs, I will do some research about the flaming river of Sixtus, sounds really cool :eek:

nebezial, pigwater, grooshka: Thanks for your crits, the legs were intended to be mostly covered, but I still want to improve them, I will fix them soon. Thanks for pointing it out, I realize it needs work now that I’m fully awake. :slight_smile:

eddieellis: glad u lke it man, maybe i should watch that movie again for ref :wink:

grooshka: Thanks for your ideas, black sandels could be cool, good idea, I will see if it fits into what I wanna do, but it got me thinkin’, originally, the feet and most of the legs were not going to be shown, but we’ll see once i pose him, but first thing is to improve the legs :slight_smile:

smaddl: Thanks man, I’ve been waiting for your updates:)


Good modelling!

What kind of shader are you using? CLose up it looks like the poly’s show up! Might wanna watch that. As to his garments I think the wrinkles are spread to evenly. Otherwise I think you’re doing very well. Looks like one of akind style.


shame i dont have time to go through the thread this seems like an excelent idea, im deffinetly keeping my eye on his well done pierre. great modeling btw


That’s a great looking head. It has so much character in it already, it really looks master-ish and Hades-worthy :thumbsup:


jmBoekestein: thanks, i’m using sss shader and dirt map, I’ll put some light textures later on. As for the polys showing, it’s really weird man, not sure why it’s doings that, i think it’s some kind of artifact from the sss shader, i need to twick some options, cause the head is definitely subdivided enough. I’ll add some variations in the wrinkles, make it more natural

tilite, Mike Nuts: Thanks guys, hopefully another update should be coming tonight…



This guy is sinister. Good job with the draping cloth.


this is comming along great.

i agree the wrinkels do need to be spread out. now i know its a powerful gesture for a god to be cover head to toe in a ‘power suit’ or this case cloth, but those ancient greek sandles that wrap round could be realy cool, but i dont think u can have any skin showing chest down.

if u can make the souls look like they are flowing as one and rolling everywhere that would be so cool, would be a task to pull off but an excellent result if u did.

i have one question tho… in the critera u have to have 1 human as either master or servant. now although i can make the links from human to its remainding soul or the fact that the god hades is in a human form… im not sure its enough. am i missing something, did u have a plan?
seems like a wicked concept im going to love following it… well done:thumbsup:


impressive guy that Hades… nice work, really nice so fare…:bounce:


great work what u’r doing here…

i have one question…what did you used to make those clothes ? did you used polymesh modeling or did you used reactor to get the cloth effect ?



Pierre…mighty fine creations here,real nice 'Character" to your face and i’ll be having fun following you here…looking real nice…keep it coming…:thumbsup:


awesome modeling so far man.:thumbsup:
and great concept


dmonk, makaron, Virtuoso, Mr Micro26: thanks dudes, the weekend will be much appreciated to work on this :slight_smile:

tilite: thanks! There is probably gonna be very minimal skin showing once it’s covered with clothes. The souls will be…something to figure out hehe. I was thinking of Hades being ruler of all the underworld, and as his servant, there is the 3 headed dog that’s by his side; but basically everybody serves him in the underworld (like the souls as u mentionned ), he is the unquestionable ruler MMUUUAAAHAHAHA :twisted:

razielo: Thanks, for the clothes I used polymesh, it gives me more freedom, I never use simulator for clothes, but i’m sure it can come in handy sometimes.


Its just the long flowing cape… its really nicely done (that what reminded of the film)

Keep up the good work, im looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


Wow! Really a fantastic modeling!
Great work…
I’m watching you…