Master and Servant 3D Entry: Pierre Bourgeot


Good luck, already looking very good. Let this be an enjoyable challange.
Ill be watching your progress closely.



powerful head to Hades . great modeling :thumbsup:
wish you good luck and a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Some very cool stuff are going on in this scene ! Nice modeling ! Wait for the rest of it !:scream:
Gogogo !:bounce:


Hades - Cerberus - Greek Mythology WOW Fantastic!!!
Ok ok i am Greek :slight_smile: But really your project is Great:)
waiting for updates!!:thumbsup:


Hi guys, continued on the face, trying to keep the style constant throughout the model. The blue flame will be coming out from the metal part (kinda like a gas stove would work haha). I better get moving faster, 48 days left!!!


Neeno, mireneye, smaddl, scootermaya, SUN: Thanks a lot guys, hope everything is going well for the ones that are in the challenge, well actually, even for the ones that aren’t. :smiley:

Hopefully I’ll have an update that’s more worthy to be posted next time, struggling with time…nothing new there



hi there.
the head is just great. i love that look of his. that crown with hood makes him more sinister. :applause: can’t wait to see that flames. good luck mate!


amazing modelling:thumbsup: super!!very nice face expression!wow!!:slight_smile:
cool lighting:thumbsup: good luck


I know what you mean with faster… Im not even feeling halffinished with my head yet. Gulp!. In my eyes your doing GREAT! I always enjoy following your progress it goes with good pace, and has excellent precision ! Very artistic work there.

Continue on this path, youll do great.


hey Buddy, Flames coming out of the metal spikes will look nice.

I have one comment about the bags under his eyes. I think the Hard Edge under the bag should fade out as it comes closer to the middle of the face. instead of hard from one side to the other. :buttrock: :wink:



the quality if the model is just impeccable.Great work man,really enjoy these updates.:slight_smile:


wow, thats great modeling blacknull, see you and :thumbsup:


Wow, epic story and some good modeling to boot. I’m gonna keep an eye on you.


You’ve got a great concept behind you Pierre. Looking forward to how you do those flames in Xsi. Cool man, and good luck.


Hi there Pierre! Wow dude thats some nice work you have done here! No crits I can think of…I like what you have done here man Awsome :thumbsup: Please update more…more…

Ha ha cheers dude l8rzz


Awesome modeling! Already looks engaging. :thumbsup:



grooshka, goktug, mireneye, jdsb, alex.h., Brent_3D, Jinian, blackdragoncg, marc_lauper: Thanks so much for your comments, and thanks for baring with my slow updates, the plan is to have another lil update tonight…I guess i’ll be sleeping on my keyboard at work tomorrow.

XsifoX: thanks bro, I guess wouldn’t hurt smoothin’ the side of the bags a bit :wink:


hey this piece of work will defenetly rock…i’ve seen your Vlassic w.i.p and it’s AWESOME…soo…keep up the good work…hope u win…c’ya


I cant wait to see the cerberus!!! maybe you could position the angry dude on top of the flaming beast! tha would look so COOL.
by the way will there be a flaming river of Sixtus [not sure about the spelling], the one river a soul must cros in order to get to underworld! that would be a real eye candy!


Started Hades clothes, there is cloth still missing that should be covering the legs as well as the body. Right now he is just sitting on a cylinder wich acts as a place holder, his throne is soon to come.