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Pierre Bourgeot has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Long time no see everybody, the challenge is getting to its end and I decided to get back to it in an attempt to finish it. The 3 headed dog is lirking in the darkness guarding the underworld. I may just keep it very light in texturing, started on that a bit. Lighting has to be reworked to match the light sources that will be coming from the big torches. I cross my fingers hoping I can finish.



hey dude, glad to see you’ve joined, I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.



Seen your beast …man…u are a beast (in modeling i mean of course ):)…have fun.


Nice to see you’ve joined. Looking forward to seeing some great work from you. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Greetings =BlackNull=, good to see you here too…will be watching to see where you go;)
May the force be with you


oh god,i am not missing way:scream:


Greetings my friends, I was surprised to see messages, thanks a lot for your encouragements! I’m soooo excited, especially after I finally settled on an idea, there was just soo many possibilities… awesome theme!

Edit: Sorry guys, I uploaded my sketch image to my own server, wich i read u’re not suposs to do, so I just deleted it from this post, it should be all good now:)


Kewl another evil image… i be watchin… good luck, dude…


thats going to be a great one blacknull, loking foreward to update see you mate and :thumbsup:


My piece will take place in Hades’ Underworld. He will be sitting at his throne with his loyal Cerberus (3 headed dog) by his side. A sea of dead souls will be crawling at his feet.

But before I say anymore here is an explanation I found on the web of who Hades is and what is a Cerberus.

The ancient Greeks believed that after a person died, his or her spirit went to the world below and dwelled for eternity in the depths of the earth. The Underworld was the kingdom of Hades. Depending on how a person lived his or her life, they might or might not experience never-ending punishment in Hades. All souls, whether good or bad, were destined for the kingdom of Hades. 

Cerberus was a vicious beast that guarded the entrance to Hades and kept the living from entering the world of the dead.


i see a tasty organic treat ahead…mmmmmmmmm :drool::argh::thumbsup:


whoa…another intense theme! now i know a lil more about some greek mythology.


Neeno, jdsb, rbgallinera : Thanks guys!
alex.h.: Thanks man…u’re so insane, do u ever sleep? haha, best of luck for yours!


Heyy…seems that Greek Mythology has it’s best in this challenge…lol…cool concept man…i really want to see this visualized …can’t wait actually…have fun…

Side note: if it helps in many visualizations …KERBEROS is a mean beasty dog with (sometimes Thought with) …two heads …but i don’t think that there is a rule there (…or i don’t remember now…)…



Started modelling Hades face, I want to have a greek feel to the style, very chizzled, almost carved in stone but toned down. This is not final as some areas are still blocked out, and ears missing.


Thanks a lot DimitrisLiatsos, the interpretation of the kerberos seems to vary, I think I’m gonna put 3 heads on it since it seems to be the most popular description on the web, but I also want to do my own interpretation of it so we’ll see how it turns out :slight_smile:


That head is looking pretty cool by the way, looking forward to updates.


hey Jinian, just saw your post before going to bed, I just wanted to clarify that I’m not a student anymore and made my babysteps into the industry. I have buddies that attended VFS, but I went to The Art Institute of Vancouver for my studies, u’re not the first one thinking that I’m currently enrolled at VFS for some reason haha. As for the centaur, I’m staying away from him, been staring at that thing way too long haha, time for something new! :slight_smile: Alright…I’m out for tonight ZZZzzzzZzzzz take care

edit: oops, seems u edited your post, sorry didn’t realize :slight_smile:


Just realized that before I saw your last post and edited my message as soon as I can. Ha! Ha!
Good luck dude.


hey there black… dude like to compliment you on yyour model looking very clean and evil… Very nice man … keep it up