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paul palmer has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The HunchBack

The Story of Master and Servant

The Hunchback, a hideous outcast, disfigured and unwanted, a servant of the church, the only place to hide from society. A tired and weary femme fatale seeks sanctuary in the Bell Tower. With the coming of spring the wild sparrows have returned, and as warm light hits the timber rafters they feed on bread crumbs and water, in a brief moment of joy the Hunchback becomes the Master, the maiden a servant.

comments welcome,

thanks cgtalk, good luck everyone, I enjoyed this challenge,


Greetings everyone! Its an interesting challenge this one. Its taken me a while to think about an interesting subject, so I have decided on a lonely character, The hunchback. I have not made a decision about the final scene, If it will be a wide shot or massive close up. I really want to explore the character
and hope something will evolve, for the moment I like the idea of him alone in the bell tower, captured in a moment
of joy feeding the wild sparrows, one to many! So my story
will go something like this, hopefully It Will make an evocative scene.

The Hunchback, sits alone, a hideous outcast, disfigured and unwanted, a servant of the church, the last place of
sanctuary, with the coming of spring the wild sparrows have returned, as warm light hits the timber rafters, they feed on bread crumbs and water, in a brief moment of joy the Hunchback becomes the Master.

I modeled this in clay as sometimes it helps like a drawing or sketch, first I thought about having him reclining, giving food to the sparrows, but he may look more interesting in the seated position. I’m not sure if I will give him hair, we will see.


This is a watercolor of the scene, its an abstract concept, as I want to see what transpires and evolves, I’m looking forward to modeling a hideous character,


Well heres the first of my Maya models, the clothing is difficult, I’m now going to take it into ZBrush as I want to put as much detail as possible into the face and create more flow on the clothes. On this challenge I want to spend more time on my
texturing and lighting, and test rendering.


i love it. in this pose he seems begging. i thought at first he is a begger. i like the that it seems one thing and it turns out to be somthing different, although you didn’t mean that.


thanks, I know what you mean, but I hope the final image is more positive, but two meanings
are good, Im hoping the idea will find its own course in at the end,

Your concept is interesting, nice modeling,

ciao Patina!


You are really an artist. I love your clay sketch

Good luck

My M&S


Wow awesome steps so far patina! keep it up:thumbsup:


excellent render, I like it, keep it up :thumbsup:


Welcome patina,and good luck too.
I like your hunchback.Are you putting other characters aswell or you stick to your idea of exploring this one.?
SEEYA :slight_smile:


hey grea modleing and lighting…ur concept is very touchy but just to remind u the contest rules… ur final image should contain atleast 2 characters… one being the Master and the other being the Servant. And we should never frget the meaning of servant, which is to serve… in this case surve the master… thats all from me… happy vertex pulling :thumbsup:


Hi everyone, I have been busy with one thing and another basically, constructing a church tower, bell and some lighting tests, this is a simple object I want to be placed near the hunchback, its bread and water, for the sparrows to feed


Here are the Swallows finally, this was quite tricky to model I had to scrap the textures I made initially as it didn’t look natural, so in the end I scanned in a real feather and applied it to the wings, so I’m quite happy with the results, all that’s left is to rig, not an easy task. I would like to recommend mental ray for rendering as it really brings out the true colors,


First time I see this thread… unfortunately! Really good job so far, good luck in finishing :thumbsup:

Ännu en svensk i tävlingen - kul! Lycka till.


Hi patina,

Oh yes! This is a cool piece of work. The clay sketch is realy a good idea… makes the character kind of grounded in a real world.

Good luck to you for this challenge.

Dizzy Boy


hey there patina… a great piece of work you have here im sorry i never saw this earlier… i must say out of everything i see i love your texturing the most… the work on the feather is extremely good i believe… your idea is very original and stylised… keep it up would love to see more from you mate!


Very nice work so far, your modeling is very nice too.

Great work :thumbsup:


like your chars too… :thumbsup: the render looks very realistic, congratulations :wink:


I have created my own textures with the use of a digital camera, sometimes its difficult to get the textures you really want so it can be faster to go out and photograph the ones you need, this old wood was perfect for the bell. I am going to leave a lot of the tweaking until the, end, Im only using textures as I feel you have more control than shaders.


This is the Church Tower, the tower of sanctuary to the hunchback, Im toying with the idea of introducing a heroine, as it might add more interest to the scene, she being master to the hunchback and he master of the creatures and servant to the church, but it will depend on final image and what kind of emotion I can introduce.See what happens, this is only early light tests
I will have a detailed breakdown at the end,