Master and Servant 3D Entry: Nicola Cavalla


Before post effects added.


Think this will be all the post effects that will be in the final image.


Well done nicknox:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Love that penguin and general character style! :thumbsup: As for crit, a little more detail into the carpet would be great. Looks a little flat and smooth. The composition is nicely done, as are the models. Looking forward to more!


This man like to be master of the 'guin… watch him take the pleasure from the egg hole.


Congratulations for the final image, Nicola. Really funny characters :applause:

Good luck :thumbsup:


Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have been so encouraging through the challenge. I must say that I have been astounded by the quality of the work that people have been entering and wish everyone the best of luck with their entries.



That’s just plain deranged. I’m calling the RSPCA, PETA, the WWF & any other wildlife preservation society I can think of. Great work though, & I especially like the open breasts in the gimp suit :slight_smile:


Love your picture Nic.

I’m going to get you a bucket with “Spent Penguins” on for Christmas. You’ve inspired me to have a go at the next challenge myself…though I doubt I’ll be able to come up with anything quite so…Unusual


PS I hope there’s no Simians in that bucket…:wink:


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