Master and Servant 3D Entry: Nicola Cavalla


Nicola Cavalla has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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This man like to be master of the 'guin… watch him take the pleasure from the egg hole.


Rough layout to get idea of composition. I have yet to rig & weight the main character so as to pose him. As much feedback as possible would be welcomed.


this is like modeling, texturing , lighting, rendering and post and final image in one… i must say great pic man… but show your steps on how you did this… looking good… One crit… have a little bit more shadows too…


Ahoy there

I kinda agree with Marcel. It’d probably be a good idea not to work at too many items at once. I’d probably lose the background for the time being, focus on your characters first, get them rigged and posed, then worry about texturing, lighting, composition etc later on.

Love the concept of the penguin in the “gimp” suit. It’d be nice to see a big chunky Zip on it ( there might be one there, but its getting lost admist the collar )


Thanks for the feedback. I wish I had variouse stages that I could have posted, but I got so carried away building the characters using smooth proxy for the first time that I had finished the characters before I knew it. I think the next stage will be to rig the character and pose him and then I will be concentrating on details on the characters, the room and the lighting. I knocked to room together quickly to give me a better feel for what I wanted to get from the scene.


hi there, I like very much your modeling and lightening, just I’m not too agree with those mirroring pants…


WOW very funny and very cute characters…really good WIP



I have rigged and weighted the ugly character, toned down the reflecto trousers and messed with the glow on the light.


Initial concept sketch of characters.


Hey Nicola!

I like the concept, and the difference between Head and body,maybe you may explore more this in 3d model.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hi there Nicky, finally found your thread!

Quick an’ dirty crit:
Firstly, the concept’s certainly original, and has plenty of potential pictorially :slight_smile:
I think it would be nice to see more attention given to the ‘Spent Penguins’ bin, as for me this part really clarifies the story behind the concept; perhaps some carefully balanced lighting in the comp would do the trick :shrug:
Still much to be done, I know, but I’ll take a stroll by later and see if your 'Ugly Guy’s rig has worked out as you’d wish…!

Nice to see you yesterday with all the other guys, by the way, and talk soon :thumbsup:



I have put some extra details in the penguin model, some work on the zippa and some texture tweaks.


Is better now, keep doing :thumbsup:


Thanks for the encouragement Diogo. I am looking forward to doing some work on the room next.


I love the penguin. Are you fixing the floor later? The “shapness” of the carped beneath the penguin’s feet doesn’t match the penguin’s. Maybe reduce the texture in order that it looks sharper?

Make this original concept work, man!



I have been working on texture details in the scene, but unfortunately some of the details aren’t shown due to the compesition of the final shot.


Funny concept and cool models, i like it!


pinguin bondage, it works. lol You might want to increase the depth map shadow resolutions to get rid of the jagged shadow edges


Just messing around with the lighting now to see how I can improve on things ready for the final image.


I have been tweaking the lighting, and think this will be close to what I will use in the final image.