Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Congratulations Monsit you’ve made a heart warming image. Very detailed and beautifull :slight_smile:


And a big congrats from me for your final … you already know it’s been among my favourites right from the start! The warm, lovely feel in this one gives it a very special position among the rest - good luck for the voting :thumbsup:


heeey,Very Impressive piece of artwork…the most beautiful and the cooles thing in ur scene is the blue colour of the sea…that color have taken everything under control…
congardulations!:thumbsup: good luck,friend


Wow!! really great work krab :thumbsup: Incredible details, and the story is very nice too!! It just keep getting better and better with every challenge :slight_smile:


omg dude… amazing final!

you should be very proud, it’s been a pleasure following your progress



…just one last time :wink: …it’s fantastic man ! wow !



Is beautiful,and is my favorite top 2.Good luck with voting friend.:thumbsup:


Patlow, in my face again!!! :buttrock:


sorry! wrong post


Hi this is final image
finally Done! here is my final image ,hope you enjoy it! my concept is
“This is the story about old man, very very old man who live near the sea for his entire life , he love sea, sand, fish, everything in nature , with the power of nature and the clam way of his life , he become “xian” or god of the sea ,he can live forever with his beloved servant , all sea life, their relation is full of love ,care ,warm ,so ,it’s made him very happy to live with what he love forever,”
I want to capture the warm feeling and happy emotion in my image ,
Hope you enjoy it !

detail image here!
sorry*I post it again because I post the wrong final image from 2d ,


uuuuhm, hahaha, great way to show your 5 d rox :slight_smile: sure does! still… somehow wrong thread! make sure you submit your final 2d in the right one! cheers mate!


Very nice final render! Congrats on finishing! I really enjoy this one a lot! very fantasy like… Great job!



An incredible work… we know that… an fantastic artistic sense… we know that… what’s remain me to say ?

It’s a very great pleasure of plunging and of drowning in your picture, and for that, thank for the show :thumbsup:


I love it. soo peacefull. Make me wanna go for a holiday and swim in a warm ocean… really good underwaterscene. Good Luck, :bounce: weel done…


The amount of detail in your work always surprise me, and the really love the way you handled the colours in this piece, it will do very very well i bet. Congrates on completing. You’ve put on a excellent thread.:thumbsup:


monsitj.It is deep,in every sence.Great image man.Congratulation on finish.
Best of luck in judging.

Im so happy I got chance to participate in this challenge with u talented people :thumbsup:


I really like it :wink:

nice image man :thumbsup:


I envy you :twisted: hahahah, congratulatiosn Monsit for an awesome image (i vote for you in the final judging my friend) :bounce: .

Thanks for sharing this wonderfull masterpiece


this is very beautyful! shiver


you captured the feeling so well…

good luck!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


hey man yo are really “the lord of the fish”.
good luck monsit:thumbsup: