Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


• CONGRATULATIONS MONSIT! I love the concept and every single pixel of this image, I was really surprised of an underwater scene, I have come many times, but somehow i didn’t know it would be underwater, :thumbsup:, Another great piece of art from you, Good Luck my friend!


many many thanks again for your word of encouragement! thanks to cgtalk for give me a chance to talk with all of you guys here! and hope all the best luck to you all too ! thanks again:love::thumbsup:
I still around here in all of your entry! good luck and see ya !


:drool: And what about your 2D entry ?

Best of good luck to you



Congratulations on another Great pic!

Trully inspiring piece of work

:bowdown: :bowdown: :arteest: :arteest: :drool:

Great feeling…


thats a perfect render…man
very cool the escenary and the models and everithin…good luck


Congrats monsit, very nice mood in your work! It’s very balanced and clean picture, i enjoy watching it very much.


monsitj i knew your great from the start, and of course the final image is just superb. I bet you’re work will end up in the articles again, your stuff is alsome, and good luck, cya.


Beautiful work, really enjoyable- I love the small fish by his hand. Congratulations on a great piece!


Well done friend…

this is a beautiful image you created there and I just love the story around it :thumbsup:
You definitly got my vote !!!


:applause: congratulations on the final image looks great and it couldnt have been better… you did an excellent job! :applause:


Hey Monsit,
Very nice job here, it really is a wonderfull image. :thumbsup: Good luck .


Hi Monsit!:slight_smile: Wonderful work man! I like the final composition… All very welldone… I said this once, and I say again your work is :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: Congratulations and I hope to see you in the next challenges! :thumbsup: Good luck to you :slight_smile: You are a great artist


you’re insane u know that? congrats on your brilliant final shot, 5d on its best, overtalented kid! hahaha, wonderfull and brilliant work monsit! loving it!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause:


Thanks for the reply!
Congs!! for the final work! as usual your work is wonderful.
You have my vote!


wonderful image.:thumbsup:


Nicely done. Your work process and render quality is outstanding!


Absolutely STUNNING underwater scene. I had to check twice, not sure if it was excellently painter or awesomely rendered.

Beautiful work, I have no crits.


Man… What a really great work. Awesome!!!


My God… :drool:

Absolutely stunning illustration: one of the top 5 entries, no doubt.
Great job, Monsit. :slight_smile:

‘sigh’… man, seeing all of the great 3D entries for this Challenge has reminded me at how much I miss working in 3D. :sad:


Wow Monsit, the final is amazing my jaw fell to the ground, that octopus would be good in suchi :wink:

What I like the most is your underwater scennary it is absolutly stunning