Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


:love: :love: …and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: …and of course :bounce: :applause:

Rest now friend…u did very good.


Well done man! I already told you: you are a very talented guy. I hope you can get the job you want soon. You are very good in different things and I think your work will fit better in the videogame industry. Please someone: HIRE THIS GUY!

Cheers and good luck man :thumbsup:


Outstanding work! Best of luck! :beer:


Sweet! Very nice image. I would have made the old man’s beard and mustache float a bit like the octopus’ arms… But very, very nice. Good comp, too!


:applause: You know that… I’m an undefectible fan of your art Monsit… and this is an another masterpiece… I like that… your originality + your vision + your art = an explosive cocktail of quality and pleasure for us all… Congratulations for your final picture… and as we can say… best wishes for you… but I know that for you, a big part of the way is done :thumbsup:



All this fantastic detail in your picture. Incredible!!
Congratulations on another Masterpiece from you.

And good luck to you! :beer:


if u dont mind Kris… :wise: … :bowdown: … ahuauha… good point!
and Monsit… Well Done Bro :thumbsup: … Great Feeling :thumbsup: … Lovely :thumbsup: … Congratulations :buttrock: !!



Amazing work MOnsit ! One of the best composition of this challenge ! And for sure the most complex and detailled !
I wish you the best, a Boxx or something like that !


That I may say. It is image is formidable, with that of dimitris it is my preferred, it loosens an incredible atmosphere. I like this illustration, for little, I would dive into the screen to go to bathe me with your master and her servants. A very beautiful realization, bravo:applause:


very good underwater work…


like already said, fantastic execution and final yield, congratulations!


Nice.Really like this.This will be top 10.
I wish you could have given the turtle a real nice exotic shell,beautiful colors.these are like a rock,good but could have been better.
Also the octopus should have contrasted better from the old man.The skins are too much the same,they blend in together too much,you needed more contrast.The octopus should have had more vibrant colors,more alive.deep rich colors.Plus the suction cups look too square.
Still,you got a real fine top 10 picture here man.gL.


Absolutely stunning. My only crit is that you should’ve cropped the picture closer to the aspect ratio of Ballistic Publishing’s books, because this may well make it onto the cover :wink:


U can say that again man…i wish u the very best man…again…:bounce:


I must congratulate you on your finsih, excellent job Monsit. Great artist, you are :smiley: (lol, couldn’t help the Yoda talk). I hope to see more of your wonderful work in the future, and hope you get a job (still can’t beleive your unemployed).


I congratulate you on an excellent finish! I could use your thoughts when you have a minute.

Again, great job! You’ve got skill!


that I work so impressive, Absolutely GOOD. good luck


Amazing Work Monsit :applause:

I´m sure you will be on top with this image. :bounce:

Good luck :thumbsup:


Great job, Monsit! Congrats on finishing. I really hope you get a win with this. Very nice piece. :thumbsup:


In my top 10 oof this challenge also, the image is incredible well done man, congratulations and all the best luck to you :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :buttrock: