Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


yay…this is not fighting for the top 10…it’s fighting for the top now on…:slight_smile: :thumbsup: …if u don’t mind me saying…


:thumbsup: That fantastic!


hi. I see your thread for the first time :applause: it’s splendid! there should be message at the bottom of this image saying: “warning! taste this delicious picture slowly piece by piece. rapid gloat over it is dangerous and can result in artistic madness.”
very good work! TOP-10 for sure. :thumbsup:

PS this stick behind master character… reminds me of lighwave logo… was it intended? or maybe it’s just a matter of… perception? :curious:


one scene from dream! congratulations :thumbsup:


wow man you are a very good modeler…that octopus look great, and the strange guy…i love it:love:


That’s what i was waiting for, the glow post effect :slight_smile:

This is incredible now Monsit, the image looks fantastic, excellent execution of your idea !

Beautiful my friend :thumbsup:


so beautiful :bounce: amazing work :applause: :applause::applause:


Wow, this is beautiful work every nice detail.:applause:


Hi monsitj, your image is a painting you with known to make forget the
3d by time too plastic, to give the life on your subject, I want to
see you among the winner, and curves me to greet a large Master. :bowdown:


detail of my image


more detail


detail close up


more detail


finally Done! here is my final image ,hope you enjoy it! my concept is
“This is the story about old man, very very old man who live near the sea for his entire life , he love sea, sand, fish, everything in nature , with the power of nature and the clam way of his life , he become “xian” or god of the sea ,he can live forever with his beloved servant , all sea life, their relation is full of love ,care ,warm ,so ,it’s made him very happy to live with what he love forever,”
I want to capture the warm feeling and happy emotion in my image ,
Hope you enjoy it !

detail image here!


I just finished upload zipfile to FTP ,and it’s done! I have to thanks all of you here to give me valuable comment ,it help me improve my image and improve my skill , thanks to cgtalk for great experience to participate in this awesome challenge , and again , thank you very much , all of your coment are still welcome , good luck to all !!! and happy rendering!:bounce::love::thumbsup:


Man, you did it super! I wish you best luck and hope too see you in future challenges :applause:


Great work. I think you got your chance for the win. But it’s not a suprise when I see what you have done for the other challenge:)

For me the strength of your picture are the colors (many different and a very beautiful blue for the sea), the originality of the character, the quality of modeling, pose in fact everything, and the details
The only lack can be the details (I know I saied it was strength but it can be a little messy it depends on point of view) and maybe will the judges decided you really answer the theme even your story explain it… Well no in fact, there’s nothing to change :scream:

Anyway it’s a great piece of art. Congratulations :thumbsup: and another :thumbsup:


ooh…i think its a winner


Yeah great image indeed, best of luck to you! :thumbsup:


and good luck!