Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


WOW! …great image :applause: :thumbsup:


WOW¡ Hi monsitj, great image and composition I like the lighting, very good :smiley:


many thanks for comments! I adjust overall lighting and contrast in post , add more fog and small particle to the scene , add bloom effect , so what do ya think?


Better than never :bowdown:

Amazing work.


This is souch nice piece man.
The whole image is so hypnotic.It just took me for a while.I could just let my self
into the tentacles of octopus.The deatail is there,atmosphere.
Great stuff. :thumbsup:


Ahhhh! It’s beautiful …:love:

This has been wonderful work right from the start, for me this is your best so far. Good luck:thumbsup:


only 1 crit-comment…maybe it will look better with one more rock in the center but far and lower then left and right? But I guess it’s too late now… :slight_smile:


there u go,monster monsit:scream::scream::scream:



Your work is constantly inspiring!:buttrock: :beer: :arteest: :arteest:


Really nice progress! Love the overall lighting and composition. Top notch stuff! The octo still seems to float in front of the see for me…I think it’s the upper right tentacle. It looks like it should have some of that blue fog covering its tip. Basically, acting as a bridge between the background and foreground…Keep up the wonderful updates. :bounce:


man this is getting better and better… but one thing came up, that bottle that the old guy holding could be floating… like a Zero-gravity feel and underwater everything is kinda floaty so think about that… but so far i like verything abt this… keep it up mate, it turned out awesome :bowdown:


Much, much better. No doubt the characters are underwater now. Just keeps getting better and better (as everyone else is saying). I’m a bit surprised that your unemployed:eek: . Looks like your pretty much done to me. GJ:thumbsup: .


Looking good, now it looks like it is underwater. The key light is too bright for an underwater scene having in mind that the main light is the sun and not an artificial strobe light source like in a pro underwater camera rig; but there is some creative liscence there. :thumbsup: nice job!


I agree about the bottle floating more. What more can I say? The last update looks a lot better (finally some bubbles :smiley: ) Shock us again with your next update Monsit :thumbsup:


:drool:wow…:bowdown:…oh my! u are one of my favorites again…this time youre going to make it!
love the effects and all those little details…


it is really good this job your doing in post-proc. (of course your work in 3d was incredible too).


It looks awesome :smiley:


Monsit, it’s almost as if I was under water, really amazing work you did :thumbsup:


Hi Monsit, to answer your question, I use 3dsmax’s paticle flow then I blur it

go check here for tutorials


beautiful dude :applause: