Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Yeah!! A lot better :bounce: Now they are underwater … The version with less particles, is better than the first too.

I just miss some bubbles … heheh


yeah now you’re taking… the last image looks fantastic… i like the colors and the contrast… not that fond of those dloaty particles, mayb put them in eraguler manner?.. some tweaks here and there and u got an amazing image in ur pocket… u wont need luck so i’m not gonna wish u… keep it up man :thumbsup:


Looking real good, Monsit! So far my favorite of the bunch. Keep tweaking and I’m sure we’ll have a winner. :thumbsup:


Yeah, looking really good, keep it up the to tweak in this way, it’s perfect :thumbsup:


Now that I see it, it feels like for some reason the guy is in front of the ocean, not in it. :shrug:


Looks a lot better now, but maybe the reason why, as nemirc said, he looks like he is in front of th ocean is because the characters themselves don’t have the same blue effect as the rocks around them. Too much of their own color shows. The volume of the water is much better now though. Just a few more tweaks and your there. Keep it up:thumbsup: .


Man i wish i was as good as you with the underwater stuff, my GSO would have looked so much better :slight_smile: Great stuff man, you’re too good. Oh, and i love the wobbly fish above the guy’s hands, he’s alsome.


Wow, looking really great!!! Have to learn a lot to get on this level! Just awesome:thumbsup:


I think that bubbles wil add to the depth,and create a better appearance of the old man being “in” the ocean…I also think a bit more contrast in-between the octopuss and old man would be a nice extra touch…

…Other than these minor thoughts I can just say it’s a very nice piece of art,and real nice to see come to life,a fine touch,and a sensitive one…Well done,very well done…:arteest: :arteest:


simply fantastic man ! :eek: :thumbsup:

congrats !



it looks , no- integrated. like if you render each element by itself and then you join it. render all in the same scene ( if im correct ) i think that will help. if im incorrect sorry :lol: and also sorry por my english.


does this look particuarly bright to anyone else?


Only the “characters look like they are in front of a screen” factor, but I mentioned that above.


Hey monsitj, realy amazing work! I’m stunned, so magnificent! Damn, I wish I were so good! :shrug:


Wow, a lot of things happening in your image - specially like the contrast of materials and colours between the fish and the sub-monk. Great stuff if you ask me.



sawasdee krub.
excellent comp and rendering!:bounce: :thumbsup: the details also looking great.
and hope u finish both 2d & 3d in time.


AAAAAAHHHH …:eek::eek:…who is the crazy nut that allowed u to leave from his Studio?..damn if u were working for me me …i WOULD NEVER let u leave man! …u are so talented …geez…guys like u aren’t suppose to be left out of work not even a second.

:slight_smile: But don’t worry , i am sure things will get better in no-time at all. :thumbsup:

AND yes last comp is better friend…way better…:slight_smile:


one, Lemog,jdsb,Mdn67,Jr.Braz,Chui1675,Cipher: many many thanks guys, glad you like it and good luck to you too,

Overcontrast : many thanks! now I try to vary scale of particle ,
nemirc ace4016: many thanks ! for your comment and as I said , I have to find the balance point to make my charactor stand out in image , I try to put him in fog, it’s feel like he is in water , but when I see whole image ,the contrast of my image drop , so I have to adjust it back , anyway,there are still time to tweak, hope you come here again and drop some suggestion!
hhssuu : thanks friend! your dog is awesome too!
raid : thanks ! glad you enjoy!
Virtuoso: Hi Michael! glad to see you here! bubble are on the way!! heeh , and many thanks for your encouragement! goodluck to you too!
Adriano : Hi ! thanks man! wait for your update too!
artman50 : thanks man for suggestion! I can’t render it in one scene, my machine can’t render it , don’t worry my eng not good too :slight_smile:
HardcoreRaver : Hi! thanks to drop your comment! I really like shaman king too !
aBLackEgg : thanks man! your modeling is great too!
xric7 : korb khun krub ! good luck to you too!
Dimitris : Hi dimi! many thanks for your encouragement ,I hope your words come true ! heehehehe good luck friend!:thumbsup:


All right Monsit?:slight_smile: Your work is perfect to me… maybe a little more darkness, really would turn your scene most dramatic and realistic… but it’s fantastic… congrats for your great stuff…and good luck friend :thumbsup:
see you


Fine composition… excelent lighting and atmosphere, beatiful colors and also very detailed fishes:thumbsup: