Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Cuastics are ok…particles in tiny mode will be good addition too (and some bubbles too :scream: )



Very cool!! The only problem is they don´t look underwater … Maybe add the particles and bubles could help, and add more blue color in everything including the characters …

Look this picture, everything is blue … and more deep, more dark …


man this is amazing. just think the octopus have some problems… take a look in this link…
hope i help u… c ya !
best luck !


Hey there, it’s looking great so far dude!

If I had to comment on something, it would be like everyone else said, they absolutly do not look like they are underwater. Besides that, everything looks like plastic because of the strong specular white highlights on everything. I suspect if you loose the insanely strong specular lights, it will look more underwater are real. And, as previously mentioned, adding blue to everything would help it even more.

Otherwise, the model, subject matter, and representations thus far is super! Keep it up dude!

Looking forward to seeing more!



hi monsitj!

I think the caustics are a touch! it is subtle but adds something to the composition, but again, I think the lights should be coloured (I ignore if you´re making tests and I´m talking too much :slight_smile: ).

The picture is bright and beauty anyway.
:thumbsup: Keep it up!


I hope you don’t mind. gra7’s picture points it out perfectly, and I decided to see if all that was needed was a blueish tint, so I took you last render and put a blue soft light and color dodge (although I don’t think that was needed) layer over your last render to give it a blueish tint. Here it is:

I’ll tkae it down if you want. Of course a foggier view like in gra7’s would add to my “paintover.” Keep going Monsit, your almost there.


man ,the fluidity and the composition in the image is u mentioned some more tweaking,cant wait for updates:thumbsup:


I love your work :wink:
for me, one of the best here.
imo caustic is too subtle now.


ur work is amazing!! i like ur modeling and texturing!! it is underwater? the mood is really nice, just look not really underwater, maybe the lighting can be improve. i love ur work so much:thumbsup:


Solari_g : hhee ,thanks for comments , can you tell me your nick name?
MDN67 : many thanks mate! glad you like it
One : now I try to find good looking bubble to put in my scene:thumbsup:
Nemirc : yeah ! floating stuff are on the way!!:eek:
Dimitri : thanks for feedback! i check your entry and see that you work in new job! hard work and you still have time to work in challenge! you are iron man, heehee maybe find job for me ,I’m unemploy!!:applause:
JR.BRAZ : yeahhh!! your reference is great! but I have to balance some detail of main charactor and foggy of real ocean scene , now i really like the blue tone in your reference , so i follow it , many thanks!
gra7 : many thanks ! i’ve seen great article , and that is my inspiration in this challenge, I want to make my octopus more cartoony but have subtle touch of realism , so it come out diffent , and I don’t have time to make fine detail too , so I think it 's not a problem hehehe:)
- FredH - : Hi! fred , many thanks for detail comment! straight to the point!! I think i’ve seen you at 3d total?? your work is awesome!
good luck!
bealobo: thanks for comments bealobo! no you don’t talk too much, I always want your comments! I render it in pass , so it’s easy to tweak light color , now i’m working on this , and as i tell above ,I have to balance my charactor with physcially correct underwater scene!
ace4016 : many many thanks ace, I totally dont mind your version , and now I work with your reference , I like deep blue tone , because my original is green-blue , I have to tweak it !
Jdsb: Hi , many thanks ! hope you join next challenge!
Axis man : thanks man! yes caustic i add is very subtle ,i think it’s good to look at close up , but when i zoom out in actual size , caustic make my charactor noisy and distract , so i tone down it a bit
Jenn-yu : thanks mate! your model rocks too!


Good point about the specular. Objects underwater actually have NO specular at all.
Nice work though, keep pushing it!


Holly Mother… :scream: … Monsit… What can I say Man? Better Nothing, I will just use these :bounce: … :buttrock: … :bowdown: … and I think deep blue got better… and I am just waiting your deep blue version… Congratulations mate!



:bounce: Hi Tomy,I really like you new update.It’s very wonderful.I thought it was excellent.That’s fantastic.You professional 3D artist.Good lucky. keep it up Keep it up. :thumbsup: Tomy…:buttrock:


hi monsit,i see many work u post in here,that all really good…really love ur work :buttrock: :love:


I add fog and small particle float around the scene , blur some element for depth effect , change color from your comments, image look grain because I think some particle stuff and compress jpeg , maybe I have to find balance point , I will post close up shot and do some tweak soon ,! what do you think??


i reduce some particle ,and here is close up with some color correct , add blue tone to charactor,


I think it looks a lot bette now, yeah, that underwater feeling :bounce:


The surface of the water is top notch… :thumbsup:


woah man, the light glare projected on the underground elements through the water is simply amazing,wow, that light glare on the masters arms is amaaaazing man,greeaattt feeling of depth:scream::eek::buttrock:


the pic was very great but with this new update, i prefer this blue anbiance, it’s more “ocean” like it, one of the best pic for me