Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


The water is just wonderful! I agree that it would be good with some foggyness or DOF - and Bubbles is really a must!

Great work, one of my favourites since the start :thumbsup:


amazing!! proffesional work


I want that poster! :thumbsup:


Excellent work Man…:slight_smile:
You Have My Vote:deal:


i like the water with the light streaming down into the scene. good going friend keep up the good stuff.


Yes monsitj… i want that poster tooo! :slight_smile:

Just some more blue color over the characters… the rest is great!
amazing work!


I agree with 3draven needs bubbles.

PS: Send me a poster too, mate


It looks so realistic, it’s beautiful :love:, your work is incredible, you’re a master of texturing and lighting, come on you’re on the good way :thumbsup:


incredible realisation of your concept as always monsit.can u try adjusting the skin contrast between the master and the octopus by any chance?


Hey, exelent job man. I know you will add a lot of details. :thumbsup: I would like to know how you did that water and that light. Do you know the plugin Psunami to After and Combustion? It make like that. Good Luck. :buttrock:


Looks great Monsit, loooks like yuor almsot done. With the underwater feel, I think the bubbles and water fog are needed. The octapus could be a bit darker too. Waiting to see the two little fishies.


I think that the rock formation is too desaturated and it isn’t working; they don’t look like it is underwater. You need to saturate it more and blur it and add some fog for a more convincing depth effect. The farther it is from the camera, the blurier it should be, that will give it more sense that it is underwater and bring the main characters more into focus without loosing the richness of the details too much. The rocks that are the closest to the characters should have some color as well to make a better light diffusion effect.

Also consider adding particles in the water. Ocean water is seldomly this clean; even in the Caribbean. There are alot of nutrients in the water and this will also make for a more convincing water, you can blur them a bit and add some color so they aren’t all the same.

It is looking great. Keep going.


Outstanding work man! Good luck!

I have a comment. It seems to me that the rocks are too lit for the scene? Specially the one behind the “creature”. Other than that::applause:


3draven : thanks for comments and suggestion guys! I will give it a try
bealobo :thanks! but maybe I have to adjust background a bit coz ,now it distract from main charactor
overcontrast : thanks! i have to look at it carefully!
hhssuu: thanks man! i love your model too!
Gunilla,GarielW (o)ne,adel3d,orion77,atra,Illusion,cipher: many thanks for encouragements!
Jdsb : yes , I have to tweak it in the end ,!
banzato : about that water i use maya fluid ocean , position camera under it , and render and play with blending mode in photoshop , about the ray I just copy ocean layer , do level adjust to have just highlight and radial blur it ,
ace4016: thanks mr, snoopy:) i have to add debris ,fog ,and some bubbles!
Snows: yes I agre with you , now i work on background , maybe i fade them off,so they not distract with master
nemirc : thanks ! i 'm working on it !


wooow kame hame sama… old man turtle… i bow before ur skills and patience man…impressive


Hi! I add some caustics effect to my scene ,it’s very subtle effect , so tell me what you think


:thumbsup: Wow !Wonderful You are! P’Tom , Very fast Production, HeHe:applause:
>I think The fishes in Middle left BG are too flat like paper, more little hilight make them better
and Caustics on the old man is too sharp I think!
>Add Bubbles ,Particles,Fogs and Blue Shades Make This Great I think But Overall is Fantastic!:slight_smile:
I can’t wait to see your final images wow wooooow:bounce::bounce:


it’s a veru very very great pic, she’s perhaps one of the best, the realistic ambiance is a succes, very good work:thumbsup:


with some bubbles it would be just great :thumbsup:


And some “floating stuff” as well (like those tiny particles they used on Nemo) :bounce: