Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


This is AWESOME!

I´ts going better and better and better everytime i visit this thread.

Fantastic & incredible Work!
Hurry up (only 15 Days left)

Good luck to you


This is marvelous Monsit ! The last one with octopus and old guy is excellent, can’t wait to see them with everything around…fog, fishes etc… it will be awesome :bowdown:


OH! :bounce: Very very Great nice update your work Tomy :thumbsup: ,I like it all.Keep it up Keep it up.Miss you everytime everyday na.


Hi! Tomy ,textures beautify it all.:thumbsup: Be watching with eagerness,i will watch this close.You is [color=magenta]professional 3 D artist.I’m support you alway.[/color]


Woooooohaaaaaaa my friend, better and better. Hope to see soon the background


Lookin great Monsit. I’d go for slightly different color for the squid/octopus…maybe a bit darker. He’s got a real similar color to the master now.


good work here!

nice details, i love your lighting approach too !
take care with your turtle and branches around to not loose your details (same colors !)

good luck !


french jedi

in valiant heart nothing is impossible!

My master an Servants


banzanto,gra7,Wanddo,: many thanks!! good luck to you too!
Versiden : Hi, thanks ! small debris is very good idea! thank you!
Shtl: yes , i still have to tweak color of master and otopus , but dont’ know what will come out!
Marko: thanks! you don’t be idiot , your comment are valuable for me,
atra: just wana know what is water filter?
Adriano : many thanks ! i have to try to find the way to add more depth , but still try??

Authentic : many thanks guy! your entry is great too!
bealobo : yes , it’s underwater , I’ll try to tweak light too !:thumbsup:
tillite : thanks! i will add particle in final composite:)
(o)ne : many thanks !!
atwooki : wow! nice to see you here! and thanks for encouragements
Lemog : hi ! lemog many thanks!
neo, makaron, nemirc : many thanks guys! good luck to you too!
Vampeta, : yeah , time is running out , hurry, all!
cipher : thanks, it’s seem i have to try to make thing more clear ! cause now it’s too busy ( i think)
junior lucky::buttrock:
Illusiondigital ,stefuse : many thanks !!
3draven : yeah, have to adjust color , thanks for comments!


There is no water filter in PS… but there is water in eyecandy and I use it on a separate layer, then I use different blend modes for that layer. I also use smoke (or clouds) under the water and blend it as luminosity or screen.

Try it :slight_smile:

Last summer I didn’t know anything about 3d, but I could still make great underwater scenes in PS :wink:


Really nice progress, monsit! Really nice work with the texturing and lighting. Need to read all the posts to make sure I don’t repeat someone else. :wink: Keep going man. This is excellent.


Hi:Tomy i wait you update na.You is a gifted. Good luck na ka.Tomy i miss you somuch:cry: .



excellent work, a like the model and texture, very good .

Much luck:applause:


so far sooo much good… looking topsy notcy man… i would say u make the materials more wet… its looking very dry and rough now… but i’m loving the color… keep it up mate :thumbsup:


Hi monsitj, you is with the height of your talent with this image also
in 2d, go, go for the continuation. :thumbsup:


Nice picture! I like litles things like the turtle. Your texturing is very good. good luck


Hi! many thanks for comments!! here is overall composite so far , I have to squezze it to 150 k , so
It will have some flaw due to jpeg compression! , comments are alway welcome


monsitj …one word BUBBLES…show some movement with them so you can make the scene even more alive.


I love it, it so vibrant!
I love the blue reflected light that can be seen on the right part of the scene, behind the turtle and on the octopus.
It´s very well color balanced.
Maybe adding a little blue fog so that the characters seem to be in the water?
you´ll do great anyway, I´m sure you´re thinking on every little detail.


hey nice update man… that blue light from the top is really nice…but i think the perspective of the water top is wrong… it looks very odd… u might want to give it a bit more attention… and put some blue tones in the characters i ur scene… well thats abt it from me… c ya l8rz :thumbsup:


As always, wonderful stuff. There just an endless amount of detail that brings out so much life in the picture. Just great. :buttrock: