Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


hey man i thought u were just a normal guy…

i hate being wrong!!!



hi! here is lighting tweak ,i render seperate pass and tweak in composite stage , now it’s look flat , I plan to add more fog and DOF , any comments are welcome


Hi manay thanks for comments!
one- thanks for your suggestion,
mb- I always appreciate your comments , it come with the techical solution for me to find the way to correct!! many thanks!!


Good work man, no crits. The texture, light and elements are exelent. Keep the good work :thumbsup:


amazinng monsit… just missing some textures… c ya !


that’s outstanding work. As you mentioned, I think some DOF would add alot to the scene. And some floating debri in the water could be an idea too;p

I like the coral reef… very very nice… keep it up


No crits… It’s really good to me… the lights seems very good in my opinion…
keep on going… great texture work
cya :thumbsup:


astonishing how your image keeps going better and better!:bounce:

Doubt it can be helpfull… but maybe a little more different color for the oldman and the octopus? or is it so obvious? or do you plan to join them?

Anyway I trully love your wip, and i’m getting nervous about how awesome will be the final image, so good continuation.


yeah really nice work here… but i have just one crit ( hate to be idiot but ) i think that octo is to shiny… ;0


Hey, people, wait untill the water is all done (there will be water around I guess). I think that it will look great.

I used the image above in PS and added some water-like filter. It looks just wonderful.

great work monsitj! I just can’t stop looking :slight_smile:


I love your idea, I already said that I think in a previous post, I think it’s crazy, fun, and so unique.

You mention something about the picture being Flat… I have to agree there, but I’m not too sure fog and dof will be enough here… I’m dying to see some SSS on your characters, especially on the octopuss. It would give more depth to your characters… I’m not too sure the lighting is appropriate for that purpose, but you might wanna give it a try anyway.

Great work man, keep going !



I was waiting to see what it looks like with colors and picture and I was not specially optimistic. But I can just applause and say it’s a really impressive work.
My only crit for the moment is to try to make the tortle more visible.


I have no crits, I love the specularity and all! this was going to be underwater, isn´t it? will you colour the lights?


i dont know what DOF is but fog is certianly a good idea… underwater the particles are much thinker and therefor more pread out so jus be careful… dont make it look like its on the surface. but excellent model


yes, fog and dof and ready to get some prizes :thumbsup:


Stunning piece of work there, Monjit :thumbsup:
I’ve kept sneaking back and forth to your thread, and realised just now that I’ve not said a word of praise for you work… until now :wink: sorry for the delay, and all praise is fully worthy of your skills :wink:



Congratulations Monsit, a major update… very nice… I like your lighting


I should have come here earler :buttrock:

I like the concept a lot, I see you are far ahead already.

If you don’t mind could I ask how did you layer those render elements to make the turtle head? It looks awesome :love:


Hi Monsit… Your Scene is getting better and better… Great Work Man… :buttrock: !! Keep it Up, You Rock Dude :beer: !!!




this work gives me peacefulness feeling, both the old man and his turtle looks like they have years with wisdom in their eyes. even the octopus looks freindly :applause: lovely texturs too.