Master and Servant 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Monsit Jangariyawong has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Hi this is final image
finally Done! here is my final image ,hope you enjoy it! my concept is
“This is the story about old man, very very old man who live near the sea for his entire life , he love sea, sand, fish, everything in nature , with the power of nature and the clam way of his life , he become “xian” or god of the sea ,he can live forever with his beloved servant , all sea life, their relation is full of love ,care ,warm ,so ,it’s made him very happy to live with what he love forever,”
I want to capture the warm feeling and happy emotion in my image ,
Hope you enjoy it !
detail image here!


Haha, you too! best luck mate! looking forward to your work!:thumbsup: :buttrock:


Best of luck, Monsit. :slight_smile:


• Oh No! please leave the challenge, so we simple mortals have a chance :smiley: lol just kidding, glad to see u again Monsit, This is going to be a challenge you’ll enjoy


I had your Grand space opera entry as my desktop at work for awhile :), cant wait to see what you do for this one!


Good luck on this one monsit.


Ooh what can we see from you this time Monsit?! Really excited to see what’s in store.



wow, the deadline is quite tough, but you’re doing 5d again:) good luck you crazy guy:twisted:


Good luck, you amazed me in last challenge! Waiting eagerly for the new stuff:)


HEYA! glad to see u here ! :smiley:


Haha… Omar have reason… you here… no chance for us… anyway, I’m yet so curious to discover the new good idea you will have… best luck for you Monsit :applause:


good luck in the challenge!!:thumbsup:

Master and servant entry >>


good luck monsiti :thumbsup:



Hey look in the rules, your name is in the list of the no-allowed cgtalker !

no just kidding ! It’s gonna be great to see one of your entry again, good luck man :scream:


Hey Monsit! I can’t believe you’re doing 2 challenges in this short time! I’m sure you do just as splendid as last time - good luck!


Monsit…It’s fastlane time all over again…I look forward to seeing you bring more magic to the show as in the past…Now get that engine roaring and your creativity into the fastlane,as I know you will…Best to you,and good luck,have fun,and bring on the creativity…:arteest:


Looking forward to your concept man!


heya, welcome to the challenge… looking forward to updates


just wondering what’s next…good luck Mon!


hmmm here you are again? good this is going to be really cool!
just waiting for your awesome concepts!

good luck!!