Master and Servant 3D Entry: Martin Sen


I think you did great in all the steps but the final image have not the same impact. The servant (a very well developed model) is too small and show no details enough to understand what kind of creature is that for someone that is looking to your image for the first time. The pose is a little odd, maybe because of the anatomy of the knees and the feet that’s really too small. The girl is not looking at the creature inside of the glass (she looks up). The cloth of her skirt doesn’t show any folds and make this part unnatural.

I know that you worked hard for this image and I think it’s good. It’s just a shame that another people didn’t notice this issues before. Good luck.

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3dRaven, DaddyMack, A I R, jddog, MDN67, vampeta, alex.h., pixelkeg, Vedrica, goktug, Wandddo, bealobo, cipher - hey guys, thanks for the overwhelming support. It has been a long 2months… wish it could have been maybe 1 more week longer, but I’m pleased with the results. Good luck to all.

limousine - yup, it’s unfortunate that the servant model is really tiny that none of the details really shine, but I had it in mind to use it for another image in my head so I’m glad I put in the efforts. As for the eye direction… it may be a slight bit over… (the eye rig from max actually looks beneath the bottle)… and in retrospect, I should have applied more SSS to the eye. Technical problems aside, I’m still happy with it, it’s not perfect but I think the mood / relationship that I wanted to achieve is there. Thx for the crits… always welcome ;-p


the mood and relationship is there mate, be happy, its great,more than great, almost perfect
see you and have a great evening, :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hi Martin

Good idea :slight_smile:
good work :thumbsup:

very mush luck


Martin your entry’s quality is very above the overall here. Good job. Thumbs up.:thumbsup:


it so beautiful with such a tender care :applause: . good luck!


Congratulations my friend…u made it to the finalists…u did a great art work …looks beatiful!:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::arteest:


5 TH

This is a really good news ! Nice work here my friend, but I told you already !
Happy cinema 4D !


Respect for your art my friend Martin… your pure art is honored… cheers :bounce: I’m really happy for you :thumbsup:


omg, that’s an awesome start to the gloom of monday…

thanks to all that supported the thread, I hoping for a h.mention… I’m glad for the placing it got…

till the next one…:thumbsup:


yeah! congratz! martin! I’m happy , your entry is my favourite , great work , and can’t wait to see you in the next one!:thumbsup:


Congrats Martin, well deserved and no surprise for your placing. Beautiful image, one of my favourites. :thumbsup:


Well done martin. YOu finally got a prize and it’s normal I think. Love the subject and feelings of your picture.


Congrats Martin! :bounce: :bounce: It’s always a pleasure to work with you my friend! Well deserved! Keep the butterflies flyin’!! Have a nice summer, vacation, sleepin’ time…all! So wish a huge smile! We’ll meet next time too!



Congrats man…i am happy for u …always loved your clean modeling and cool design. :slight_smile:


@monsitj, Gunilla, authentic, Tremoside, DimitrisLiatsos - thx so much for the kind words, im honoured to be in a pool with such amazing artists such as yourselves and where talent is in abundance.

till the next time… ciao


congrats mate,you did an amazing and beautifull work.


Congratulations Martin :thumbsup: well deserved. you’v created a beautiful and delicate image:applause: :applause:




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