Master and Servant 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Martin Sen has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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ok, I think this is my final…not sure what else to add or fix

the background trees I’ve made very faint, I wanted the bottle area clean and not confusing and busy…
I’ve added some foreground vines on top with a slight blur…


awesome theme, good luck to everyone and flex those creative muscles;p


• YYYYYES!, Wellcome on board Martin!! and I wish the best for you! :beer:


After your GSO entry, I cant but help myself to subscribe to this one. Good luck.


Haha! Lotsa regulars back in the fray. Let’s have a good one!


Hi there mate! Don’t know how it was possible that you were out of the top 15, but this time I hope to see some great stuff as well:)
good luck!



nice to see you again… good luck to you…


yea nice to see you back and have fun!


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS… :beer: :beer: :beer:



got an idea! hope I can get around to sketching and scanning it in before someone else thinks of the same thing ;p


Hey Martin,
Good to see you entered again . I was thinking the same thing that someone would have the same idea as I would so , quick sketch that sketch :slight_smile:


Wish list:

As children we’re naturally very innocent, naive, mischievous and adventurous. My concept is based on that as kids we used to believe in fairies and in capturing a fairy, we are granted a wish.

The master/servant relationship in this piece is that the child gains wishes by capturing and enslaving fairies. Is there consequences? The servant role by the fairy - to fullfill its duty to gain freedom.

that’s my concept in short ;p


wow! u are so fast! and interesting,
glad to see u again! good luck


Yap, this will be a good work:) you’re good in such stuff as I recall your space opera. So keep it up! Waiting for some 3d


Nice start on a tranquil take on the theme - goody. Good luck now, Martin.


Very interesting:)

I can imagine where one light source is gonna be.

Good luck.


u read my mind… yep, it’s a night scene…


Hi Martin…It’s go time for you once again…Great to see,I anticipate some very nice art from you as always,and wish the best in your work here…

Very nice concept…peacful,and delicate…Has emotional potential to the skies…happy to see you back for more,it should be that way…See you as you progress…:arteest:


Nice concpet; maybe you could aslo make a glowing light from the jars in her back pack to show she captured many faries. Hope to see more sketchs soon, and modeling.


thx guys

I think I’ll only light the 3 jars, the one in her hand, and the 2 on the ground… the rest are empty in her bag…

I’m still trying to get more concepts and ideas, but so far I like the potential with this and a night scene would be a challenge too…