Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


wow! :eek:

Nice Work!

Nagyon szép lett! Szerintem az elsők között végzel :scream:


this is definitely worth one of the top three prizes,congrats man:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


hey Mark

well done and congrats on your final! I like the change in the girlfriend pic to a little polaroid photo. Your skills have progressed alot from your previous works, and im sure we’ll see more visual delights from u in the future

good luck


i love your image so much!! you did a fantastic work :applause: great mood and emotion, the lighting and the colors, the modeling and the design all is amazing!! i’ll come back to study your great maps you generosity posted. lots of good luck :thumbsup:


You are really one of the best! Looks great, I see you have changed the girl onto a photo, nice :thumbsup:


Yeah, I know Brother! It never ends…! :cry: I hope those clouds will go away very soon and you will have some calm days with Ivett as you wish! :wink: We have seen the Star Wars III just now so I must say…“May the force be with you, Brother!” :thumbsup: :cool:


Hi Mark! Hold on… CG is done! Your work is the best, that’s the point:)
Have a nice “holiday”! :slight_smile: Mikor lehet már szavazni?:curious:


A I R: Yeah…Damir, we’re in the same boots just as many of the guys here. There is always a women behind us… (or not). The problem for me is that all of my days are like those what u were talkin about. Fall of bycicle…Am working, learning for the university and develop my skills after midnight…I hope a few years and i can stop:scream: . But surely 3D is a lifestyle…

yellowman: Thank you very much!

theuni: Thanks the voting comment, but you already know (i think), there will be no voting at this time.:deal:

Sas.hun: Thanks mate! Jó érzés, hogy ezt mondod, de nem igazán hiszem. Ha objektiven nézzük nincsen elég eddigi munkám, amit valamilyen módon ismerne a zsűri és túlzottan ismeretlen a stílusom a számukra, de azért jól hangzik.

jdsb: Thank you mate, but i don’t think so… Maybe somewhere in the future, i need few years to develop myself if i really think seriously in 3D art.

Versiden: Thank you my friend! This was the most important to me! Do it better than Machineflesh was! This task is solved and am happy with the results! I still don’t know how will my life go in the future. Next year i will make my diploma (i hope) from industrial design and i have to make a decision…3D or industrial design. If i will follow the design line i will try to follow it on a DLA degree. But the two things are too much for me. Industrial design is quite a difficult thing to do in a half way or half seriously. But my heart going to the 3D way. I’m too emotional for and i have problems coz of it. My shapes and ideas are too much for mass production’ requirements. I spent a few months in an animation studio as an inbetweener (classical animation on cell) It was two years ago, and i liked that so much. It was a co-production, produced by english guys and the lead animator visited us sometimes in hungary, so that guy was a huge inspiration for me, all respect for those kind of peoples. So this is why i decided to join a game “developer” group. This was the fact what helped me between Machinefles and this challenege. I practiced on game characters and their texes and animations. Not finished things or publushed, but helped me a lot to understand some things in generally. Sorry if i was long…but why not? Thanks my friend again and you could be sure…i will give some signs about my things if they will deserve your attention!

smaddl: My friend please send me your questions if you have some about my works, maps anything. I will answer if i can do it! If i can help your work with something, dont hesitate to ask!

HardcoreRaver: Thanks a lot! The photo was Lemog’s idea, thanks again for his comment!

sgabe:Oh bother…I spent 12 hours at school yesterday (it’s a weekend?)now my day started here at 10-00 and it’s midnight. It’s 14 hours, but i still have 7 hours of work. Deadly tired again, but who cares? So the “show” will be on Thue. Still a day left to finish the faucet’s design model…
I heard about the Ep III. The guys here already seen that…only our team missed coz of work and deadline.

speter: Tesó, nem lesz szavazás. Nézzétek meg a legnagyobb nézettségű emberke utolsó öt oldalát. Nem akarom kíírni a nevét…A nézettség alapján legtöbb számmal mért. Kb a hatvankilencedik oldalon kezdődik a dolog… nagy botrány az biztos. Ne írjatok itt róla, inkább e_mailben, ha akartok! Na csáó, mert mennem kell melózni! Üdv mindenkinek!


Hello Mark!

Congrats on your Final!

Poor Odon, he really lost so much and he looks so disadvantaged :(. It seems, it’s so phisicaly easy to get rid of his master, but mentaly - so hard… great atmosphere, idea and realization Mark :thumbsup:


Hi Mark,execuse me,if i couldnt reply to ur post and thanx u for all the help,these days u know,i had some major problems in uploading the final,cuz there was something wrong with cgtalk in last 15 minutes,therefor i couldnt upload my image on time,but fortunatly,by contacting the administrators,my problem is solved and now i have uploaded my Final Image…and now i thank u for all the support…and actually,im happy iv meet u…
i dont think that i have forgot to say congratulations,if i havnt,now i tell ya!:Dgreat job,as its so clear ur one od the winners! Good luck;):thumbsup:


Es buenísimo, un trabajo excelente :eek:


Crying Horn: Thanks! I tried to combine these. Phisycal master and servant and the mental meaning! :thumbsup:

Madlight_1988: You’re kind…you don’t have to apologise…we’re in the same boots. Challengers boots.:buttrock: Good luck you too! I hope we will meet some of the next challenges and am sure you will rock this place…keep practising till the next, just as i do…:wavey:

gremil: Gracias? :thumbsup:


please send me your questions if you have some about my works, maps anything. I will answer if i can do it! If i can help your work with something, dont hesitate to ask!

thank you Tremoside, i’m in the watching stage… watching and impressed. slowly slowly i’ll understand how all this maps work together. let me again Congratulate you and wish you good luck!


Gracias? Yes :slight_smile:

Tu estilo es muy bueno, como una ilustracion adaptable a cualquier tipo de trabajo :thumbsup:


hey Mark, congratulations in the honorable mentions!!

all the best and g’luck for the future


I would have hoped for a better classification, with my taste, but it’s already a great result and I’m really really happy for you, happy of your image was see as a masterpiece, and happy to have been able to contribute to it of my some little councils.
Just congratulations Mark :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Congrats Tremo ! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


Hey Brother! Congratulations! :applause: Honoruable Mention! YESOKAY! :thumbsup: I will be looking forward to see you in the next challenge here!..So keep it up, man! :smiley:


smaddl: Ok Man! :wavey:

gremil: Thanks but i don’t understand…maybe next time, till that i have to polish my language skills:)

Versiden: Thank you Martin! Am really glad about your results! You deserve it! Lot of work and you were pushed by time… :bowdown: See ya next time :thumbsup:

Lemog: Thank you my friend! Feels good what you say. Honestly i’m satisfied with my image and the mood of it. It was a bit different and more social kind than usual 3d topics. This mention is a great inspiration for me and now i think 3d is more than a hobby for me from this day! Thanks for your help and attention Laurent, you were my leader here! I thought you will win in top ten…your topic was really interesting and absolutely an important one… I hope we can work together soon at next challenge!

gpepper: Thanks!!!

sgabe: Thanks brother! Next time here!


Big congrats to you Tremo! I would have placed you even higher, since this was really one of my favourites. Best of luck for future work and see you in another challenge :wavey: