Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


Really liked your work from the start, it has a very unique look in the competition and the details and colour is just incredible. THe story’s great too. Congratulations on finishing, and the best of luck.:thumbsup:


makaron: Am happy if my image inspiring you to stop smoking! You know it’s not a propaganda or “don’t do that” image, but it’s an additional function of it. Am a smoker and i like that, but be honest that’s better if we don’t smoke. So thanks for your post and shared opinion! :wavey:

Deadly Force: Hi Norman! THX again myfriend! See ya next time too and good luck for the rest!

eddieellis: You’re kind to stopped again and drop these words into. :love: Thanks!

Virtuoso: Michael you’re always so kind…i hope i can acquit one day! :bowdown:

sgabe: Hey, thanks Gabor! Na most nyugodtnak kellene lennem, de nem tudok koncentrálni az iskolai feladatokra…gáz lesz…de már megszoktam :slight_smile:

Goul: Thank you so much! :thumbsup:

hhssuu: Thanks a lot mate! Your words feels good…Best luck you too!


Uau!! Very good that image. Congratulations.

Good luck, in the final line!! :slight_smile:



Wonderful, wonderful work! I really hope to see more of your work as time goes on. Congrats on finishing and creating such a great image. :applause:


Great, love it every bit. Very good skin shading, like the long face as well, plus the idea rocks. Congratulations, outstanding work!!!


being a smoker this pic rings true for me. can’t quit either. dont know if i ever will.

great textures and lighting, solid model. deep idea.

congrats and good luck!!


dude this is definitely entering the top five works in 3d my favourite… sick detailing, what to say, luck on the voting:thumbsup:


lotaH: Good luck you too and thanks for your fisit here! :beer:

safe05: Thank you my friend! I hope i will be able to work on like these in the next months and
during the next semester at school. Am too close to the diplomas and I have to work hard on them, but I’m sure we will meet here again some day! :wavey:

oszkar.nagy: Thank you so much fellow! I hope hungarian artists will participate more seriously and maybe they could be inspired by us whos finished this challenge! You know our small country has lots of superious artists, but just some of the pushing hard! Sad but true. To be on top is possible, like Péter Fendrik did it with those beautiful portraits. I hope some fellow countymen read this post…

jolyrojr2: Thank you! As a smoker you know what is this all about, am not sure how it looks for a non smoker, but i think this image can help them to understand our situation from the emotional side.

nebezial: Thanks a lot! Am really glad about your opinion and feels so good :love: thanks for!
And meet you at voting :thumbsup:


congratulations on such a great entry tremo, wonderful attention to detail and a very nice concept and unique theme. its really quite flawless and certainly my equal favourite, you also did very well in documenting your progress which is a great way for us amateurs to learn. lots of luck:thumbsup:


Well well well… This is just absolutely stunning Marc! Thanks for a truly educational journey with your process and for sharing so much with us all:buttrock: Congratulations on a deeply stirring image mate… You’ve truly mastered this challenge:bowdown:


Well - I have to congratulate you once again and also thank you for all good tips you shared throughout the challenge - I just found your postproc steps and it’s really nice to see how you made it all.

Good luck!


HI Mark.Im here again,one more time admiring your skill.Image is fantastic,lots of atmosphere,and simple way to put elements and create narrative imagery.
I like the way you added your and yours girlfriend initials in the heart on the wall behind.
So cute.Mark my man.GOOD LUCK PAL.seeya.


Relax Brother, ease! :slight_smile: The hardest part is over, but now you have to wait…! :rolleyes: After all you deserve some rest so go to cinema with Ivett or something else… :thumbsup: You should watch the Star Wars: Episode III, I hope it’s better than the others were…! :smiley:


love it,great work mate and see you later :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


i put my 2 cents nearly all my fav images and but for you trem im puttin 5 cents mate… you have one of the best images here if not in my books its the best i wish you all the best man… Im not sure if im allowed to say this but i really hope you win mate you deserve it… such a great image and i didnt noe that you put you and your girl friends initials on the wall thats kewl man really sweet im sure she would have loved that and respected that… grea to see an artist putting so much of his personal life in his art… Thats what makes an artist a great one… so once again all the best and i reall really hope you do well in teh voting process… see you soon my friend


Great stuff, Mark. I learned alot from your thread, and enjoyed watching you bring together this great image. Good luck! :thumbsup:


conundrum: Hey don’t say amateurs…I have to say i don’t agree with you of course…think positive and look into the future! :thumbsup: I like your kind comment and really happy if you can learn from or use my WIPs, but i feel myself too small now. I had lucky two months i think… So thank you mate! See ya in the next challenge! :wavey:

DaddyMack: Oh Robert this comment drive me crazy :blush: what can i say now…feels good for sure… :bowdown: Personally i wanted to post more pices of WIPs coz i used very-very simple tools, but this timeframe was tight… so i hope i will have some time to make a refined documentation. :beer:

Gunilla: Thanks for you to stopped again! Always good if something useful could i create!

A I R: Ohhh…eagle eye! Yes that heart on the wall is about us. Ivette and Mark… She has some hard times these weeks with me coz am working too much… you know that. 3D is a lifesyle…soetimes too much in front of the computer. Thanks your attention i will tell it to her!

sgabe: Oh brother, It’s not over for me! Yes, the challenge is ready but i have some troubles at the university…am in a hard stress now, can’t sleep but am very tired. Movie? few weeks…i have some quite hard exams. And i want to spend some calm days with Ivett together. So keep a contact…clouds will go away soon, i hope.

alex.h.: Thanks for your words Alex! Your final is an amazing piece just as your workflow! :bowdown:

Neeno: So you’ve checked that! I+M yes that’s there. Almost the whole image is from my life. I have an interesting one… but i don’t want to make you bored now with a life story.
There will be no voting, just judging, so it’s gonna be faster now i think. You’re kind but i think am just lucky with this project…btw thanks again!

artemesia66: Am glad! That’s a WIP challenge is all about! This is our mission: sharing knowledge and develop ourselves! :thumbsup: And it’s free! So thanks to CGTalk too!


A I R: Ohhh…eagle eye! Yes that heart on the wall is about us. Ivette and Mark… She has some hard times these weeks with me coz am working too much… you know that. 3D is a lifesyle…soetimes too much in front of the computer. Thanks your attention i will tell it to her!

HAHAHAHA.Man,I got to tell.I went there myself.I also have girlfriend,that sometimes couldn’t
quite understand my needs to stay infront of my pc and work days and nights.
So I also will need to make up to her,otherwise I’m gona get in deep trouble. :slight_smile:
And as you said,I lived this challenge.Wherever I was for this past almost two months,I had it before my eyes.It was my shadow.I would go to work,and talked to some people,and at the same time thinking of how ?'m going to do this or that.I allmost fall down from bycicle once cos of that… :argh:
Crazy but you got to like it. :thumbsup:
SEEYA MARK :wavey:


Hey man,

You do a great job with this idea. I like you execution! Amazing:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Hi Mark,

great image you produced here :applause: I really like the lightning mood you caught in your painting :thumbsup: The idea behind it is also fantastic… you got my vote 4 sure !!!