Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


Squibbit: You’re kind! Best luck mate!

A I R: Fine idea my friend! Check your Private Messages for details! :beer:

Adamos: Köszi Ádám! Nagyon jól esett amit írtál…hát igen, azért még lebutított kis magyar társadalmunk is nagyobb igényeket támaszt a témaválasztással kapcsolatban, mint sok külföldi pályázó…hm szóval absz.egyetértek a csöcs/szörny párosításoddal. Szeretem én is a csjokat, de akkor már adjuk meg a módját!
Szia! Sok sikert a végére és számíthatsz rám a szvazáson! Na nehogymá ne! :beer:

bealobo: Thanks :love: Wish you all the best! Just keep tweakin and rock on!

rattlesnake: Ohhh Jorge! am a bit hups…now…so sweet comment. :bowdown: You’re great friend and i really hope your life goes well! God bless ya. Honestly…after the Machineflesh challenge i was a bit burned out. it was quite hard for me, but then i saw your Rapsta and it was a great inspiration for me to turn again to 2D a bit. And this little moment was very-very important in the past year. Thanks for that! Maybe it means not much but it really was for me…:bowdown:


I love the cartoony style U have… Your image is one of my favourites, congrats and good luck!


Amazing final image my friend!! you can be proud!! This scene is one of my favs!

Good luck mate! and hope to see you again in the next challenge!:thumbsup:


congratulations my friend on a great image… form concept to total art.!! great work! :arteest: you deserve all the praise in everyway truly on of my fav. entries in the challenge… good luck trem!! all the best my friend!


I really like the atmosphere of this scene !

Nice image man :wink: I like your style !


Mark,:slight_smile: really you got a great stuff man! I liked a lot all… modelling, style, atmosphere, lights, textures, comp… Congrats my friend, I hope to see you in the next… Good luck to you mate:thumbsup:
see you


con-gratz on your bombastic outstanding final shot! loved it from the first glance and it bad ass rocks! I really really dig your style, its outstanding fresh and unique! THe words “damn freaking unbelievable asskicking awesome” may not be long enough to describe how much i love your work! hahahah! Just best luck and all the best on the final judgemts! u rock!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


wonderful work! :thumbsup:
with wonderful details …perfect work in progress

[color=pink]lastly all elements are really very characteristic !![/color]


Hey people!! It’s amazing…ohhh…these kind posts i can’t belive! :love:

mosconariz - mecman - Neeno -Ludal - Wandddo - the1st_angel (superthanks!!) - goktug

Thanks this wonderful “afterparty support” :scream: . I started to cleanup my PC for the next project, but before that, i cheked back and what i see? These enthusiastic posts! You turned my day into gold!

Now time to go back and make my “homework” about solar cells in ecological designs…sounds fearsome but deadline is deadline.


Great Final!

Everything looks perfect & i like the mood in your picture!!
Stunning work dude!

See ya in the Voting :wink:


I had not seen your final image. It turned out great! The cigarette is pretty funny!

Good luck man.


amazingg mark…
u ve my vote ! because i smoke and its amaaaazzingg ! haha
c ya !


Turned out real good.the modeling and the textures.I dont care for the eyes still,they kind of riub the whole thing for me,they should be more wet,more with a shine to them for his sadness and the smoke in the air.They look off to me.
The cig is funny but sad.I wish too you could have shown a whole character,the picture leaves me a bit short with just a half character.Still this is top 15 shortlist from what I have seen here.Good luck.


vampeta: Thanks Alex! Your lighting is an my favo. so meet you at voting for sure! :thumbsup:

SNoWs: Good luck you too! :wavey:

gra7: Thank you my friend! Andt thanks for you clean eyes, helpeda lot during the challenege!

Kylebrn: I have to say…Your opininion is as sharp as a typical hungarian teacher’s used to be. But they don’t used to say the word “good” some of them never ever …so your sharp comment style was surprising me here but i hear this type of comments for six years thay after day…I saw your comment on Lemog’s thread and I was thinkin to write something into to keep the balance, but I don’t wanted to write something useless to my friends thread…but now you’re here and i hope you will read this message. You know we’re really tired now and pushed very-very hard these days to finish this in short time…now we’re a bit nervous i think, so please do nut try to hurt anyone these days with too sharp critics. And you’re a bit late…why don’t you write the crit when we really can use? So Just tell you…what you wrote is a true opininion…only a bit sharp…but it’s personal taste. And i don’t forget your positive words, this post was written mainly because i don’t like your post on Lemog’s thread. :wavey:


ya did a very good job on this one :slight_smile: and ya got two “master/servent” themes in one image. the smoking and the girl, that´s how I see it anyway … and, nomore smoking for me, no way :eek: just have too look at this guys ugly face and bad skin so, nomore… haha…
Good Luck to ya:bounce:


I didn’t drop by to congratulate you, so : Congratulations !! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Your image is perfect !

Good luck !:bounce:


like i have said before, this is one of my fav’s … i love it :buttrock:


Hi mark… Well you crossed that ever elusive finishline…And did it with a real fine finish and results…

The piece turned out really nice,with a fine level of talent all across the board…I wish you the best as always,and lots of good luck…I think you have an entry that will finish in a good spot,and even more importantly in the end…a great portfolio piece to be proud of…See you around I hope and am sure of…Congratulations and all the best to you …until later…:arteest:


After all Brother, I hope we will see a lot of very good work - just like this one - from you in another challenges and in the next one on CG! :cool:


Stunning work,good idea, great picture :thumbsup:

One of my favorite so far :bounce: