Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


looks great dude, the texture, lights… it all come together…great job!!!:thumbsup:


pigwater: Sounds good but you know, voting and judging is totaly different. Honestly am satisfied with the job coz it’s much better than my Machineflesh entry was and that was my task to do.

Lemog: Thank you my friend. It’s ower now… time to do the other things and to develop myself for the next challenge…:twisted: :beer:

arkinet: Thank you and welcome on the thread! :wavey:


I like it a lot, you really nailed it. Good luck.


Tremoside - congratulations :applause:


Great final Mark. Love the final smoke coloring & finishing touches. Real eye-candy. The big version is already saved :smiley: , looking at it you can really apreciate the fine detailing.

Congratulations my friend your entry is first class all the way :thumbsup:


Congratulations,mARK.U did it!:thumbsup: good luckk,


Hey Brother, you did it, you finished! :thumbsup: Great job, and excellent work! :eek: Your idea is one of the best and the model is much better than the Machine Flash was! :cool: Congratulations, and good luck for everyone! :smiley:


It’s a beautifull image :slight_smile:

I love it :thumbsup:


yep no word… simply :applause: + :buttrock:

beautiful work !



Wow, tremoside, your final image is otstanding, congratulations my friend, and good luck for the judging


congrats on an great piece of work. You have amazing skills. Good luck


excellent work.
ur idea and art work are great.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
love the lighting and characters a lot.
congrats and good luck in the contest.


Swamps (o)ne 3dRaven Madlight_1988 sgabe Elendil le Grand jddog ilusiondigital handlebar xric7

Thank you all! :beer: :thumbsup: Good luck to everyone!


hey Tremo, long time no see , thanks for dropping by on
my thread .
You done a great work too, congrats :thumbsup:


Hi man.I just read your story.It’s short.i wanna whole novel on this odon guy.
I hate short storys
I was thinking, :slight_smile:
I was thinking if this was 3D aniamtion challenge.You’d have one big FAV of mine.
Your Favorite entrant regardless to animation idea.just,I can smell it,the atmosphere of old
toilet and cigare smoke.
I lack words,so Im just wishing you GOOD LUCK MARK.
IF I get money to go on F1 race hungaroring this season,We could meet maybe.And exchange few words.Just a thought.


Hi Dude this is simply eye candy! Great textures, great mood! Szia! Nem is tudtam, hogy magyar vagy! Pedig láttam már ezt a képet. Örülök, hogy ilyen témában alkottál, mert ez szimpatikusabb, mint a sok démon/csöcsös amazon, (már elnézést a kifejezésért). Az egyik legelsö ötletem nekem is hasonló volt, de aztán nem azt választottam, viszont örülök, hogy Te végigvitted ezt a függöséggel kapcsolatos ötletet!

Gratulálok a végsö képhez, nagyon igényes lett!

Minden jót, remélem még látok jópár munkát Töled itt a lapon!



you´ve done a sweet job here! and it´s been a pleasure to follow up your wip.
congratulations! and good luck!!!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


My friend Mark…you have an amazing artwork here…i cant believe all the things u did to get this result…youre one of the best artist around…i can’t believe u made the model of the gorgeous girl for a little detail like a picture on your scene…thats AWESOME mate…i think thats what sets u apart of other challengers…u work hard to get the best result no matter what!:thumbsup:
best of lucks for the voting mate…ill be there searching for your image…


Smashing final, Tremo! Congrats - you really made a great job here … very inspiring. Thanks and good luck (I think you will do well) :thumbsup:


Congratulations man for finish and it is a great final image. i like a lot the smoke and the lights. Good work and good luck:buttrock: