Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


This is great Tremo. Love the polaroid…and the girl on it:D . Good luck on producing the final image:thumbsup: .


Perfect touch in the polaroid Mark… a real attention to the details… the artists touch :thumbsup: always great quality work :applause: more Mark… et que la journée soit la meilleure…


arlutik: Thanks for the tip! The lipmark will be quite visible on the final!

3dRaven: AHHHAAAA!! No I didn’t honestly…not…I don’t like to kiss scanners…hehe:scream:

sgabe: OK man! Am coming soon! Be ready for that upload! :thumbsup:

icedeyes: Thank you so much mate! :bowdown:

(o)ne: Good advice! They like girls:) and i hope she can help me a lot…:thumbsup: Thanks for your watching eyes!

DaddyMack: Thanks Robert! And yes!! fun for first! Keep it up man and be cool in these days! Your fantastic work is almost ready! :beer:

ace4016: Thank you my friend! Am almost finished…almost…:slight_smile:

Lemog: ohhh :love: your words like honey…thanks for the extra inspiration in these last hours… Am a bit sad coz i don’t understand your language and my classmate Kata, who speaks french and used to translate some things is away from school. BTW she will go to France in few weeks, lucky girl. Am sad coz i never been there but i have some great french mates here at Budapest too. And it was a sweet surprise how smoothly can we work together in industrial design project. For example we did the Gas the France competition together. :wavey:


waiting for the final! :thumbsup:


Shake it like a polaroid picture cummon shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it thats it man!! awesome… cant wait for final!! see you soon!!


Nice job Mark ! A great mix of 2D and 3D !


The photo is looking great, Tremo! And good luck with your other competitions, this one you’re already on top of :thumbsup:


So here is the final set, starts with some postfx updates…


Second step…


Third step…


whaouw… what a great stuff… polaroid now… polaroid :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: hahaha…


Hi Mark, I’m impatient to see the final work.


Number 4…


One_more_ _ _


Last postfx update with the Polaroid…


wow! haaa! TOP STUFF!:smiley: man,all ofem are great,but i liked "one-more"more than the others.,iv got a question too,wanted to know what are those colorful smok-like thing in front and at the back of his head…smokes are as goos as possible…i say again,i can WAIT to see ur final!:thumbsup:


The Story

Odon starts smokin…he doesn’t like that but he is weak now. His habits are too strong. But the reason of his action is not just this habit. He holds a picture of his ex-girlfriend. The picture was taken years ago…somehow he found it again…
The night has come and he find himself alone in a dirty toilet. His memories are like storms in his head…
He stopped smoking few weeks ago but in this moment he needs it…
The cigarette character is grabbing the match and bite into the fire
…leading Odon back in time…

Idea behind the scene

We live in relationships. With each other, with our environment, with nature. These relationships are affected by hierarchy, emotions,
cultural backgrounds and the aspect of view. Master and Servant relationship
is just one kind of the million and i think it does not exist in a pure form.
There are always some reasons… As humans our emotions, instincts and habits are guiding us on the way. Sometimes we’re servants of our own ideas and habits…
just as my main character Odon is…

Thank you,

After a lot of work, here is the final one…I want to say my friends, without your advices and support it couldn’t be done. Special thanks to my girlfriend Ivett Anitics for her tolerance and love and to Laurent A. Lemog for his wise adwises. Also want so say a big thanks to my family, classmates and all the friends here at CGTalk…Thank you again :bowdown:

Mark E. Seljan


Ok…the link of the Final image…simple JPEG, abit compressed for faster download, but it’s in high-res:

See ya later, now i have to hurry, school you know…:sad:


fantastic stuff tremoside … love the anistropic stuff happening there … adds a beautiful touch to the carcinogenic haze

if this doesn’t get you some cool prize … well … 'nuff said …

congrats :applause: on a job extrememly well done :thumbsup:


No words… simply fantastic Mark… final touch is awesome… really :thumbsup:

Very good end for this story… maybe not for Odon… but that, it’s an another story.

At each challenge, you’re more talentuous mate, very impressive progress… congratulations… :love:

And all my best wishes for judging time Mark :scream: