Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


Wow, hope will see enough cause you did a good job, can’t wait to see your final work.


Whoa semi realistic half-toon :drool: She came out great Tremo !!. I’d add some color to her nipples in post though…they seem rather pale.


very nice detail Tremo!

rendering days R coming…


Monday it’s okay, but Tuesday we have a physics exam so you have to come early, about 7! If you come we can upload the final image and talk about details, this challenge is almost over. So just keep goin’… :cool:


agree with people above - :thumbsup: waiting to see her in final image :beer:


damn that looks just awesome!!
good shading and lighting work! And awesome models!

Good luck!


Here is the Polaroid picture of her. I modified the proportions a bit, so it’s slightl ydifferent than the Polaroid’s original proportions…but it fits better. Also some dirt and age were added, just as the lipmark at the top right corner…as a sweet memory.
Have a nice day/night to everyone and be strong in these last days!


Wow, Tremo this is great the photo looks very natural, I like the lipstick kiss… good job!


yes, really a good job!
I can´t wait to see the final!


Greaaaat! hahaha! thats is very co0o0ol…that lip mark is nice and so natural,have y painted it?or thats a photo?
great,and i cant wait till ur final!:thumbsup: :wise:


My friends, thanks for your curiosity and i have to say that’s a wonderful inspiration… I try to relax now before the last steps. All the contents i have but i need clean head to find the right balance between layers, colors, renderings…be cool that’s a key to make right decisions.

pigwater: You have the point! Your comment “my wife loves it too” is the sweetest thing for me. You know it’s a typical problem if the male artist think just as a steroid macho…my girlfriend helped me a lot to keep my sensitivity and do not create something male master-woman servant image. In this case i tried to depict her as a muse or as an ideal of this Odon character. Not an ideal for the all of us, just him! The painting helped to keep her in an artistic way. Not too direct this is why it can work better. Am not a fine painter and i always used to draw with black chalk or pencil, sometimes with pen, but this borrowed wacom makes wonder.
So thank you so much! :wavey:

Madlight_1988: Thank you Ali! I will post Post effects work flow next day (i hope), so check back my friend maybe u can use it somehow. :beer:

arlutik: Thank you my friend! I try to work fast but i don’t want to make serious mistakes because of a hurry. Still have some time to think with clean head… Maybe i will be ready tomorrow… :buttrock:

3dRaven: I’m glad you like it! You’re great in cartoon-reality so your words have much weight to me! Real inspiration! :bowdown:

mosconariz: THX! I have no too much time and this dialUp internet costs a lot, but after midnight it’s cheaper, so i will surely visit you page and send you a support bomb!! :beer:

sgabe: OK brother! Monday but not too late…I hope i will be ready! I’ll give a call so we can discuss details. I will bring back your disks too! Have a nice day! Ohhh and physics were my best lessons during the highschool…taht’s true:)

(o)ne: Sorry but you still have to wait a bit…but ist has to be ready coz i have some presentation at the middle of the next week and i already have three new competitions to do… :buttrock:

Goro: Welcome on the thread! Thanks for your comment and I hope my WIPs are quite informative to you! :beer:

Thanks this wonderful support!


Okay brother, we will be waiting for you! :smiley: I don’t know what can you upload to the cgtalk’s host, but if you want you could bring an image in high resolution and bigger size that we can upload to my ftp host (ultraweb) and you can give the image’s link for anybody…But it was just an idea. :wink: After all the polaroid image is great, I like it very much! I can’t wait to see the final image! That will be something like masterpiece! :cool:


3 new challenges?! Wish you win all of them :thumbsup: your skills can help you, really :slight_smile:


Crying Horn: I was excited about that lipmark, and now am happy as read your comment! :thumbsup:

bealobo: Thank you Beatriz! It’s on the way…just some touches…and a fine WIP posts after that. soon :bounce:

Madlight_1988: That’s a paint…everithing is a paint (except two wooden parts of the environment) and i didn’t used only one reference for the mirror coz of time. I did it this way coz i’m newbie with Wacom tablet and i have to give it back to it’s owner after the challenge. So i tried to practice. I made some tests few years ago about lip marks coz i was inetersted in that. So this comes from my memories.

sgabe: We will dicuss it later…the high res…you know i want to create a PDF tutorial about this whole stuff, not exactly a tutorial…a project documentation. About file handling, schedules, how to paint with simple tools, masks and layer properties in photoshop and of course shading and modeling in max. In this documentation i will show the high-res image, but i think the whole process is more important than just the final image…As it’s a WIP challenge it’s important to share as much information as it’s possible. You know I learned a lot from Machineflesh and it was because those great artists shared their knowledge. Am not a professional, but i hope i can help to the people who are not familiar some of the techniques. The simple high-res is just a fact…behind scenery is the most important!

(o)ne: Hahh…I don’t think so. Those are architectural competitions…totally different from this. You know architects combine two boxes with some wood and they say “organic” architecture…as i see Odon he is Ultraorganic… So these challenges requires my logical side. Less form…so working with architects is a different kind of job… :slight_smile:


Dude, the lipstick touch is so perfect but I’m afraid that once small it won’t be as clear, if that’s the case just put in really bright red and we’ll know what it is. The photo will look great in your image


Hope you didn’t have to kiss the scanner with lipstick on to get that texture :smiley: Awesome work Mark.


I thought it will be just a good taste if you can’t show a high quality image here. :slight_smile: The PDF documentation of your work is a different thing, but you’re right and it is a great idea! :smiley: But I think “What?” is the most important question, a good idea is the key of every masterpiece. :rolleyes: Of course the “How?” is important too…but not the first. After all it will be helpful to everybody, I am sure (perhaps including me)! :thumbsup:


Amazing Tremoside… The picture looks great and the lipstick, as pre-mentioned, is a very nice touch… Good luck man…:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Tremoside - then show them your girl (or just her…lower part :slight_smile: ) and they will forget about their boxes and logic, I promise :thumbsup:


Well done with the details Tremo:thumbsup:
Have fun playing with the architects;)