Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


Ohhh…my friends!! Thank you so much your encouragement! It means a lot to me! 3dRaven: I agree with you! You have too know that, in our country Hungary Polaroid technic wasn’t too popular. Maybe because of the kommunism’s restrictions (as i remember you’re from poland, probably there was also same situation with polaroids…if am wrong…sorry) of western products… I think this is why i was away from that…but lot of people was voting beside that, so no doubt that’s better. Thanks! :beer:

Neeno: Yes-yes it’s too flat (the girl pic), coz that’s just symbolic now…am working on that, but am painting the girl…so she is turned to 2D.

(o)ne: Thanks a lot mate! Advise will be followed!

Wandddo: Thanks a lot…sad? Yes…When i read and saw Lemog’s idea about this composition i was impressed by that and one of my idea…and i have to say my similar memories were much more painful than this image’s.

Madlight_1988: Ali, thanks the comment. I will finish this post and after i’ll check your thread!

Gunilla: Yes-yes… As you can see on the layer’s update i called a layer “age of photo” or something like that, so you’re right Gunilla! :thumbsup:

Lemog: aha! Yes my inspirator :thumbsup: I will give some age to the image! Same thoughts we have. Am workin on that…among other things! :buttrock:

Elendil le Grand: THX! You’re too kind…:slight_smile:

speter: Hi brother! Yass, I will give some borders around. That’s also better for the text. This white pen written thing is a bit strange…Tattoo…I don’t know, maybe that’s too direct and too staright, but i will ask Ivett what is she thinkin about that…

bealobo: THAAAANKKKK UUUUUU!:bounce: :bounce:

Crying Horn: Thanks! Finshed…almost…that word “a…st” a bit disturbing…:scream: i hope i will finish soon coz my nerves are crashed coz of pressure from school.

DaddyMack: :bowdown: Feels good you like it my friend!

artemesia66: New cam angle…am on the same opinion! Thanks your comment!

So let’s go back and work…


Lemog thats a good idea…to dirty up the picture,make it look worn and have the look of being carried for a long time…Also i like the idea of the picture in itself,it shows his loss,and how he is torn from this loss…Ok tremo…do you’re thing,and finish this in style…I know you will…:arteest: :arteest:


Really great direction you’re taking here! Outstanding work. I love the meaning and symbolism you’re using. Really excited to see your final piece. :bounce: Definitely one of my favorites. :thumbsup:


Secession or jugendstil or Art n. is one of my favorits in art history. This mirror is based on a german product… Time is runnin so i modeled it as fast as it’s possibe to me. Simple wired plane with diaplace, thickness and some smoothing.


Secession mirror’s displace map and color map. it was a fun to paint. Especially the displace…


wow. wish I can paint so good :thumbsup:


This mirror will be quite small on the final pic, but it was better to work with normal sizes and average details. Not superious stuff, but perfect for the girl i think. Nice and old…

Have nice day/night,


Mark so much details for just a mirror…great stuff…so complex even thought the deadline’s looming.

Yeah we had a little too much russian influence in the old days. Times have changed but most peoples mentality stayed the same. Hope the new generation will bring a change for the better…here and in Hungary. I know one thing we need more CG here :thumbsup:.

Anyway enough ranting. Love the latest update. Render it out with the PU girl plz.


Heyho Mark! :slight_smile: The new camera angle is much better than the original position. I know you have to work on the photo in Odon’s hand, white frames etc. The poster version was good even, but this photo in his hand makes more personal and increases the inwardness of the situation. It is more impressive this way and looks better! :thumbsup: I like the mirror’s style too…so archaic, but are you sure this is the good one for this topic? :shrug: And one thing that soapy said, there is a big difference on the wall texture in front of the hand and behind. I think it is a little disturbing but this is only an observation. :rolleyes: Great work in any case! The whole family like it very much and wish you the best in this competition! Keep it up and just go ahead! :cool:


And you just keep on going… fantastic work, Mark! And thanks for yet another how-to.

The mirror will be perfect for her :thumbsup:


Hi Mark, really nice mirror! Your displace paint is great!:thumbsup: keep coming friend :bounce:
see you


(o)ne: Oh man…don’t say that! YOur work is outstanding :thumbsup:

3dRaven: Yes-yes…CG to our countries!! New ideas, new aspects. Art is always important in a society! Girl with mirror will comin! Am paintin that!

sgabe: Thanks brother! I now some things could be better, but i have to make decisions. Now wall is not really important…I have no too much time and am really tired…my brain mainly. About the mirror: that’s just for taste. I like that style…and as an industrial designer I don’t want to model a tipical minimal technicistic shit…am bored with those! So no way!

Gunilla: Thanks Guni! Always workin’ no time to be lazy…still some things left…:banghead: too much, I have to concentrate! AM glad you like the mirror. These shapes are my favorits!

Wandddo: Thanks! Workoholic mode turned on!

Be inspired my friends…last days…keep it up!


Really nice mirror! :thumbsup:


I understand your standpoint, brother! You’re right after all! :rolleyes: It ill becomes you to model a typical minimal designed shit! I have never though about it! :wink: I am sure you will make the right decisions, and the final image will be a really masterpiece! :thumbsup:


Hi there )— great mirror –
could you tip me on the way you ve modelled it? is it a Zbrush Technique? or is it regular poly? dont have a clue – please answer - would love to know

cheers – great work any way



arlutik: Thanks Mate! :beer:

sgabe: It’s just taste you know…I have to do too much engineering type exercises at school. Industrial design is not an art…that’s a kind of artistic product cosmetic…everything on based on logic and numbers…sad but true.These, like this challenge gives me freedom to create my “my own world”. It’s not just for the challenge…it’s also a piece of my mind. Keep it up…it will be finished soon. Maybe on monday evening we can meet and beer and upload the final…what you think?

aBlackEgg: Hi and welcome on the thread! So it’s a siple max plane modeled to fit with the mirror’s contours. It means i painted the maps before modeling. After the simple mesh is ready i put on some subdivision (Turbosmooth in max) and a Displace modifier on it. This displace is a grayscale map as you can see on my update. This gives the height parameters of the mirror. The only trick is to think in 3D while you paint the map in 2D. So bright areas are higher, blacks are lower in displace. It’s an easy way to create a bit organic objects. If you’re interested in other questions too…don’t hesitate to ask. Cya :wavey:

Now i’ll check some update…


The girl is painted now…mixed with 3D elements. I have no time to finish her in 3D so i turned to faster technics.


So this is what i have now. Closeup of the girl. You have to know this image will be quite small. 2D is not my side, but i tried to do it somehow and give some feelings to the image.
Have a nice day/night, take care yourself,


tremoside … just more and more great stuff your pumping out here … the mirror frame fits very nice … and the painterly appearance to the girl is great stuff …

just a few more stunnung details to a wonderful piece … ( my wife loves it too :thumbsup: )


its very impressive,and they fit each other,congrats,:thumbsup: