Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


amazing man… much better…


The tilted cam gives the pic a nice boost. Keep going Tremo I wanna see the final touch-ups soon :D…Oh yeah and I’d love to see the PU Girl go toon :thumbsup:


Hi Mark! At long last I can check your work too, although I wasn’t to be out of anything. sgabe
always inform me about the changes. :cool:
I look forward the image by right of Lemog’s idea… is fantastic!:thumbsup: This is a better way to bring out the maximum from your idea. I really like it! Just keep it up! The challenge is almost done.
Can I see well that you wrote on the wall Gabor and Peter? Cool brother! Thank you:bowdown: !
…and the heart is good too. I like your whole work! It is compelling!:slight_smile: Good luck!


I was watching it wright now,And reminds me on one of my friends.
This guy is a hardcore smoker.One after another.When I go to visit him,I allways return home with big eye sting stuff,cos of the smoke,makes my tears on like waterfall. :cry:
Realy lovin it. :thumbsup:


Yes nicer again…The lemog touch is everywhere…:arteest:

…looking fine,real fine…All the best in you’re final touches tremo…:thumbsup: :arteest:


Some layers are above. The image now around 140 Mb. Vivid lights and multiply layers mainly. Painted masks, nothing special. Some saturation downsamples and upsamples to egailze the required color balance.


I’m going forward with following of Laurent A. Lemog’s tip. The cam angle is modified to make the picture more dramatic. Out of balance feeling… It gives better scale of the figure with a more thight framing. It’s smaller than my original renderings, but still hit the required size and dimension. I was thinkin a lot about the girl picture… now it’s just placed on, not 3d as you see. After i finish her picture i will render the hand and the bended-modified picture together in a region pass. The text what you may see on the image is the following: “Odon, am sorry…
…maybe one day…”

So it’s a part of Odon’s memories. Few years ago or yesterday i dunno yet. But am sure he had some trouble and painful relations with the girl. He tried to stop smoking but something has happened in his and their life. He started again…he don’t like that, but it’s stronger than him. Now he feels lonely and thinkin back…where she lives? What happened with me? I was weak and am still weak…this cigarette is stronger than me. My ugly master.

So i try to push hard…

Have a nice day/night,


I’d put the PU girl on a polariod pic with white borders and glossy…but this one looks good too :smiley:

So hard to crit it’s near perfection :thumbsup:


much better…!! i agree with raven on the polaroid pic reason is looks a little flat… i think it looks outta place too flat… so yeah try that white borders top and bottom and a little thinner on the edges and then the picture in the middle and gloss it up and it’ll look heaps good… good work trem as always mate!! :thumbsup: see you soon!


yes, “photo” needs that frame because it size looks like polaroids…not 10*15 or smth like it… :slight_smile:


Hi Mark!:slight_smile: Great work I see here! Really your message is really strong in this work, to lose a great love for an vice is very sad :sad:… Your work, style and message is very great! Good luck to you friend! :slight_smile: and continue in this force… All the best to you
cheers :thumbsup:


hmmm,mark new changed concept isVey cooool ,also nice descrptions,its a little bit sad:sad: .
i have done some textures too,seriously,i need ur comments,if u have time!thanx a lot my friend…:thumbsup:


The text for the card is a great addition! My guess is it’s some years ago, judging by the look of Odon and the look of the girl :smiley:
Wonderful work, and now for the final rush :thumbsup:


What can I say… I love this way :thumbsup:

…and especially, when you will work on the photo, don’t forget that odon turned and turned over many times it in his dirty and moist hands, then… photo must be a little worn, be damaged, folded…



I love this image too :slight_smile:

Your work is impressive for me …


Hi Mark!:wavey:
I like this image! It looks fine! Maybe the polaroid photo really would be better with
white borders, and it would be damaged,crinkly. And ask for me perhaps there would be a tattoo on Odon’s shoulder… a heart… just like on the wall, O + the girls name’s first character.
Very good work brother! :bowdown:


outstanding work Mark!!!

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Yes Tremo, this is great indeed, very original and emocional… it’s good to see it almost finished when you have seen all the progress in those couple months…


Stunning! Absolutely stunning!!
A stand out entry Tremo:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Fantastic Work. :applause: :applause:

(I think the new camera angle is really good.)