Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


:bounce: very great work.:thumbsup: I love over all. :applause: good luck mate.:bounce:


Good luck with stitching the enviroment & characters . I just rendered out 160000 leaves without compositng in post I would have seen the same fatel memory message. Hope we learn more about layer work in this challenge it will helps us make better projects in the future.

Best of luck Mark :thumbsup:


Hey Brother! I hope your final render will be fine…not like our exams! :cry: It’s almost done so I am curious how does Odon look like on the final image. :cool: Oh yes…Star Wars Episode III…we should watch this movie on the next week after this competition, don’t you think? :slight_smile: And we could drink a beer somewhere sometime…But until then keep it up man! :thumbsup: Good luck! :wink:


Neeno: [color=yellow]Update will comin in 6 hours…[/color] And really thanks for your words about voting!

patina: Thanks a lot mate! I hope final will be better with those details!

sumawut sookvamdee: Thanks a lot! Keep it coloured!

3dRaven: Yes-yes…we’re in tha same boots. You know i’m working now in passes. One black shadow pass, one colour shadow pass and a simple environment pass with no lights, just for masking. Ciggi is also a pass…separated coz of lights. It wasn’t right with the GI. So i hope and pray to god to help finish these last renders…Maybe six hours left or more…

sgabe: Sorry brother, but I have to write a study about solar cells in ecological design…deadline may 19. And my final presentation of grohe faucet is on 24 of may… After all i have to start the next competition…with architectural stuffs…so i don’t know when can we meet for a longer time…but we will surely meet on 17 of may…coz this FTP update…you know. This exam scandal is terrible…take care!


just saying again you have an excellent and very creative work :bounce: :applause: good luck :thumbsup:


Jeeeesus,This looks so organic.His nails,his skin.his,everything :cry:
I must learn that skin shading.I must lern lot’s of stuff.
Man I like this image.I saved it to my cg folder.
Seeya pal.


Like everything! I like your light too much, it is very good. And idea is too certainly mirror the real…


hi Tremoside

I am makes an impression by its great work:thumbsup: , a great one modeled and an
original idea, :slight_smile: I see much effort in this image.

Much luck:bounce:


this is a very good image, in both message and technique.
I just quit smoking about 2 month ago, and you image put me of any thoughts about start smoking again :thumbsup:


It’s the tablo of renderings, I don’t want to repeat myself so i’ve put these things into one image. Odon renderings were around 18 hours each. Others are fast. Images with Global Illumination, Final Gather and SubSurface Scattering shader in mental ray. Some crashes happened and the other PC was wrong in render so i had to do all stuffs on my one. This is why you waited…let me apologise. Following notes under the next update…


Ok, here is the first rough post edited image. Layers dropped in. Some saturation controls, lot of masks. 4000 x2923 (4:3 almost) pixel count. I didnt forget about the Girl, but I dunno how will i finish her…lotsa things to do.
Perhaps i will turn her into 2D…
Thanks for the support mates YOU KEEP ME ALIVE!
Have a nice day/night,


Just a little idea for you my friend… sorry for touching your picture :shrug:

  • orientation of the scene… symbolizes his falling in his dependance…
  • the photo in his head… that remember me many years ago… when all the bad events were reason to continue or to start again to smoke… :argh:
  • a little bit darker, just around the scene… to increase the feeling of fall, vacuum, lack, the dependence and exclusion…

I hope you like… and if that can help you… I will be happy Mark…

Et que la journée soit bonne :wavey:


Laurent…I feel your edition’s power! It’s almost scary…I have no words now…

I tested some things before, but you found the right angle. Please give me few hours to make the decision, [color=white]it’s wonderful! THANK YOU! :love: huh…depends on resolution a bit…[/color]


I’m happy you like a bit… I do that because I adore your subject and this guy… maybe a part of my real life :argh: hahahaha… about the decision… it’s your picture mate… and that only an idea… not more… and your decision will be the best I’m sure… Go and best Wishes Mark :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Lemog’s improvments give more life to the image!


i love this entry, makes me giggle every time i see it. :thumbsup:


Heyy MArk.i really thank and appreciate u for those tipe and ur works,Mark,im having a similar situation too.only god knows whats going with me…! anyway,Thanx a lot,i wish i could give back!


So I will going forward on Laurent Lemog’s tip. Now am modelin at school, so i had some time to think and made some tests early morning. And it works…i have to re-render some things of the backround coz that rotation requires more pix. Framing will be tighter and overall resolution will be around the 3636x2657 as mentioned in rules. I will add some cartoony blurs too. Maybe some tremors too on the side…:slight_smile:

Lemog: Hah…what are you talkin about? Yes decision is mine, but i would be a DAMN FOOL IF I DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR ADVICE! It’s a fact my friend…with your tip Odon can make one more step forward. So thank you! My girlfriend Ivett also agree with you! Am weak against you…:rolleyes:
I hope the fixed update will be ready soon! :beer:

(o)ne: Undoubtedly you’re right! Thanks for your agree! Helped me to make the decision…or make it sure. :thumbsup:

eddieellis: Thank you my friend! I try to push it! Time is short but there’re no impossiblethings!

Madlight_1988: Be strong man! The best what we can do…win over ourselves!


Yeah, Lemog’s idea is very good…great, really! :thumbsup: That’s something like success! :applause: I like it already but that way will be better! :cool: I am so sad to hear that we couldn’t drink a beer together. :cry: But your works are very important (even impressive) so the work is the first then the fun…I know. :smiley: I will check your thread until a couple of hours! :slight_smile:


Hey nice ilumination…Good progress:thumbsup: