Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


So i’ts not a render. I dropped the rendered environment onto the previous update. Just an overlay and masked layer in Photoshop. Somehow catch the mood. I’m fighting with render at home and workin’ at the university now. Few hours and I will check at home how the render goes. Few days and the Render update will come.

Have a nice day/night,


looking quite good. not sure if the dude hides this part, but i think the wall needs a bit more texturing (or evan model it) so that it won’t seem like the pipe is floating there. maybe the lighting will easily fix this tho’.
go ahed, light it and show us how everything looks like when put togheter :bounce:

NM, i see the dude hides it anyways :thumbsup:


Nice update Tremo…
I’d have some water dripping down the wall near the toilet, you can add some nice stain in and get some specularity on some of the wet tiles. What do you think??


WOWWWWW . Ur texturing and modelind is perfect I have nt any for say .
Also like ur karicator style for the modelinf . :thumbsup:
good luck …


&Yes man everytime looks better:eek:


Nice textures on the walls, I like it! :applause: Only some things…I think you should make some smoke around the cigar, it’s a burning cigar after all! :thumbsup: And I miss the heart (I+M) from the last picture! :smiley: Otherwise it’s amazing and just like melkao said everytime looks better! :cool:


it is not a render and it´s already looking so great…

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


This is looking great !
You make a really good job on this one ! no crits ! really !

Cya !:thumbsup:


Hi Endre,
I’v just one word for you: BEAUTIFUL !!!
Good luck and :thumbsup:


Simple environment but largely sufficient… some ideas… I think a framing more close re-enforce the dependance aspect of the smoker, no ? and for what not, to exprim the disturbing aspect of his dependance… put the camera of through… as if the spectator had the head which turns… :twisted:


zman: Thanks! You were faster than my update… So the tube is covered by Odon. As you wrote it! Thanks for your comment and welcome here! :beer:

3dRaven: You’re right! I can’t add specmap, coz my PC is absolutely on the limit and i already started my last render. Honestly…I made around 20 rendertests…all of them were ended by:
Fatal error message coz memory. SSS is a memory killer! I have new 2gigs of RAM but mental ray is still too hungry with SSS shading. BUT…I will render separately the environ and do some tricks! So few days and you can check it! Till that…:wavey:

Ramtin_moom: Thank you so much and welcome here! I hope you will also like the final shot!

melkao: THX my friend! :love: You’re always kind! No words to depict how good it feels…:thumbsup:

sgabe: Hi bro, Just wait until i start to make a composite in photoshop…render is in progress. I started it! It will be around 40 hours i think…then i will make smoke etc in 2D. That is the post effect session. Still 8 days left so don’t have to hurry. Just think with clean head! How your exams are goin? Am excited!

bealobo: Thanks Bea! I will post some closeups from the final to make it sure. Few days…

Deadly Force: Hi Norman, thanks you visit and support! :buttrock:

el_newty: Thanks fellow, good to hear you like it! :love:

Lemog: I read your comment too late… I started the big render already…:sad: maybe if…you know i still have to finish the girl…perhaps i can escape from school for a few days…i like your idea…i was thinkin about a portrait…just with Odon and Ciggi in a portrait not a landscape sheet format…tight full with details…depends on time. Now i want to feel myself in safe so i will do this way forward and if i can use an other PC too i will make some new tricks…i have some ideas…but later.

Have a nice day/night :buttrock:


Really nice :slight_smile:


hi Tremo,as i replied to ur post in my thread,Very big THANX,for those very usefull tips.ur Environment looks so promising,and it fits ur scene…i know ur’s gonna be one of the greatest!
and i had one question,i donno how much detail i must put on that face,and i have another problem too,its a kinda un-returnable mistake! i have made my face using a Sphere in Zbrush,and now im having polygone problems on the forhead.u know what i mean,axactly like anyother 3dsoftware it has problem…i know i have made a big mis,but not i cant do anytthing,cuz i tested a texture on the face and it has failed…
Thanx again,Mark.:thumbsup:


Hi Tremoside,

if you ask me, I would say keep the background simple
like your last pre-render. You have make a great character.
And I think, let him stay as a star in the foreground.

Ralf Stumpf


I think is a great environment, simple but effective, it´s better for the main character. Personal opinion: I think you can change the background of the girl´s poster (only black) for another soft colour or a very simple background.

Greetings friend


The environment is looking really good, Tremo! So, now you’re almost there, right?
Keep the spirit high and good luck for that final rush :thumbsup:

I really like this image and looking forward to see it completed.


Wow nice work! The figure is superb.

One thing I don’t like much is how the wall texture is different in front of the hand and behind. It just seems weird how it just suddenly changes there. Maybe it is the DOF causing that? Good work in any case. cheers


Elendil le Grand: Thank you mate! :thumbsup:

Madlight_1988: :sad: Oh man…am really sorry about your problems. Maybe you should give try to paint the face details in post effect! I think that’s the fastest now. About details: Mainly start with the most expressive areas of the face: below eyes, brows, mouth and the main wrinkles and for last but not least with ears. Lotsa people used to forget about the neck, but that could be also important. Don’t hesitate to do all the tricks what you can do. The important thing is the final image! The way to do that is yours! use all of your tools! So…start with the most importants. About the modelin problem…experience…practice, now i have no fast idea how can you fix that in a short time…practice till the next challenge and next time…i dunno.
I didn’t read your reply so thanks for your post here…sorry but am running between school and home and am sleeping in the bath, coz i can only wake up in cold water… :beer:

WildWire: You’ve got the point man! Same ideas we have…and time is short too! :thumbsup:

ilusiondigital: Agree with you! I start to work on the girl right now… and yes black is not lucky… some carpets or whatever will come.

Gunilla: Thanks Gunilla! Yes am in a fastlane…mad terrible horror nosleep period of my life. But these are my sweetest hours of 2005 :bounce:

soapy: Thanks this comment! I will check that! Useful notice you have! :bowdown:


trem u got my vote and you havnt even posted your final… i like it very very much!! fantastic work on teh texturing of the enviroment… this is one of my fav entry’s !!.. awesome man… keep us updated… i see you shortly! see ya mate


hi Tremoside

Nice lighting and atmosphere, interesting subject matter, look forward to the final image

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