Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


This hurts,Man,probably 1000 th person tellin you,this is AWESOME.
Bieleavable look,atmosphere…you name it…Like it much. :thumbsup:


This hurts,Man,probably 1000 th person tellin you,this is AWESOME.
Beliavable look,atmosphere…you name it…Like it much. :thumbsup:


AMAZING!!! :applause: :applause::applause:


smaddl has a good point trem VERY AMAZING :applause: :applause:


Its a masterpiece!!! Dont need to say anmore that its awesome…just WOW


Hi everyone,

mojo77: Thanks for your comment! Post fx will solve those problems. It’s always easier to remove highlights in an image editor istead of add something to a dark scene. Cam angle will stay, but i will make steps in post. :thumbsup:

Madlight_1988: Just as i wrote above! To remove something in post is always easier than adding. It’s my working way. I need pixel informations. If i render it too dark i will lose lots of them…textures etc…In post i can choose which one i need or don’t. :beer:

Kylebrn: Thanks, but honestly i don’t think i could win anything. It’s a good way to learn and if i can finish well i will be proud about that. You know am a hobbyst. Of course sounds good if my work is good enough, but [color=yellow]am too tired to feel anything now. About the girl: I don’t want to give her a lead role or more important palce on the picture. It’s not about the girl. Just as many 3D fan i also like to model girls, but it’sa quite boring topic. After thousands of “dreamgirls” i’m week to make an outstanding female character. Needs more few years, maybe after that.[/color] :bowdown:

Lemog: Yes-yes, Just as i do it with your workflow…sit back and watch the show :beer: Thanks my master!:slight_smile:

A I R: Thank you so much, your words keep me push this forward…always good to hear! :bowdown:

smaddl: Thanks a lot :thumbsup:

Neeno: Thanks my friend! Good to know you’re always watching! :beer:

raid: You’re too kind…I hope this work gonna be better at the end. Am on it!

So it’s saturday and am sitting alone in an empty class at school, coz i have to work if i don’t want to fail this semester… this also a part of this challenge :sad: I made some paintings about the environment and i hope i can start final render on Monday morning, before that i will post something. The girl will be done after the final render and i will add her to the scene in post. I hope.


Hey tremo…Really a nice job…I think the vision you set out for has come around full circle…a really nice job on all fronts…I think he wants to join the Scalawag clan…I just think he fits…he has that look…an xxxxagerated realstic human toon look…They’ll get him off of those cigs…and give him some rum and girlies instead…:wink: :beer:

…Well done tremo,you should be proud,one of the best here…:arteest:


sorry i have to post again… i cant get over your entry… i love it… im waiting for the high res so i can save it on my backround… tremendous… ! its funny, yet sad, and a happy picture… wierd mixed feelings… great work once again trem i be looking out some more for next post… see ya soon trem!


Virtuoso: Ahhha… Girls and rum…Odon likes those! No doubt Michael, he likes your ideas! Thanks your kindness! You are great! :thumbsup:

Neeno: Don’t forget to drop your e_mail address to my private messages box! After the challenge i will send to you a high res 3636/2657 JPG, coz i don’t know when will i finish or redo or update my homepage… Thanks a lot about your encouregement! Feels good :love: So Marcel, Cya next time.


Incredible man, what a style ! great character and good idea, winning recepie you got there!

what about setting this all up in a tight dirty toilet, guy sitting on the trone ? and have the painting as an old poster or so ? …am not too crazy of the background so far… I know you mentionned still having some work to do on it, but base set up is aiiight… but not as great as your characters!

good luck !



I will second that…yes …it’s awesome man…and if u could turn a bit the camera right and pan it left …it would be awesome in square…:thumbsup:


Adriano_Zanetti: Hey, welcome on the thread! Thanks your comment! You’re right about the backround and absolutely agree with you! I am painting now the walls, tiles and all the things.
Some stuffs will be added, but not much. You have to know am really busy these days and i don’t wanna be fired from school, my teachers aren’t tolerate if i don’t fulfil their requirements. And i study on two departments… double work for the two diplomas at the same time… So am painting graffities and mildew on the wall and i hope my textures will be interesting enough for a background. :beer: Your critic is perfectly fits my own ideas, but i have limits…:wavey:

DimitrisLiatsos: Hi Dimi, yes-yes, some changes would be fine, but now am not able to make any other test or others. Am dancing on the edge at school and i don’t wnat to be in trouble with my other things. I know this image could be better, but next time, with an other stuff. Now my main task is to finish it in time and do it better than Machineflesh was. You know that am just a student and not a professional as you and Lemog, Antropus etc… But it’s a fun to create things like this.


don’t worry man…and in any case my humble opinion is that your work has advanced very much …keep going as u have planned :thumbsup: .



Wow. All of those maps you created really paid off. The guy looks wonderful! I love the coloration under the eyes. Glad to see you’re still working on this and waiting (impatiently) for your next update… :slight_smile:


thats ok Mark,i agree…im too speedy! i know…i’ll need ur comments in my character texturing,mr endre seljan!:slight_smile: :thumbsup: :deal:


Hey Brother! This is amazing! :applause: I hope you will give me a bigger size after the final render, because I want to make a poster or a T-shirt! :thumbsup: It’s almost done so keep it up man! :buttrock: This one will be absolutely stunning! :bounce:


Everything is looking top notch:thumbsup: . No critiques from me, your doing a great job.


Hi everyone,

So…I’ve spent some time to paint this texture for my backround scenery. Ugly-dirty stuff. These are Odon’s toilet’s wall and tiles. Fully painted, no references. If some of you can use it for an other project, go ahead.


The corner, no lights, without DOF.


No lights, with DOF.