Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


Next light source…


Great ! A real cool composition ! Nice lighting ! :thumbsup:




Againnnn and once more… Side light


Final notes about lighting details.


Here is a rendering. Sorry but i can’t post bigger size now.
As you see background and PuGirl needs work. Nothing special. Lights are used as i wrote on previous pages. GI FG DOF are in although GI is on low appearance.
Have a nice day/night,


amazing work!
thank you very much for the texturing thing, I´m quite interesting on this part of 3d but still so much to learn


looks very nice, render’s good!


Whoa nice lighting. I’d add to the scene atmosphere with some smoke from his lips, like it’s his second or god knows which one next. (full chain smoker mode enabled :stuck_out_tongue: ).


wow, realy cool image. that dude is excellently textured. especially the hands.


much better… just think a little red light will show the ciggar better…

and the smoke… hehe c ya !
amazing !!


Nice work and thanks for the walkthrough of your lighting setup.


that is simply amazing !!!
it’s gonna be VERY VERY hard voting for a winner in this compo…
i have about 4/5 favorites at the moment, and your one of them :slight_smile:
love the cartoon-isch feel to this image, and yet it looks so real, amazing–zing zing… :slight_smile:


Ok… here I’m again to post a big and well deserved WOOOOOOOOOOOW!

your lighting layout is really smart my friend :beer:


Yeah…hey that looks amazing,…i like a lot the ugly man, and very nice the escenary:)


sgabe: Yes bro.,we will meet this evenig. See ya! I will call you!

gpepper: Thaaanks!:slight_smile:

bealobo: Welcome…you know this whole thing is just a never ending learn process…me too :beer:

Gunilla: So we’re on the same opinion. Your new avatar is somehow familiar…:wavey:

gra7: Thank you man! First i want to finish…prost effects are comin later. You have to wait…

(o)ne: Thanks a lot!

3dRaven: Idea is great, but still more important things i have. Before to do the post effects i have to paint the environment…and the girl… So thanks for the advice :wavey:

Mordalles: Am glad if you like it! :bowdown:

dmonk: Welcome…i tried to show more information about lighting not just send an image: this is what i did…If it’s better to understand my way of workin…that’s a point. Thanks your comment!

simon.wt: :bowdown: You’re kind…voting is a different thing a bit. When you will see more finished images at the same time…you know that. That’s much better to compare them… i hope i can finish well and my image will be ready to vote…:beer:

mosconariz: Fernando my friend!! Thanks your visit man! Always glad when you turn here. Thanks for your wooords :buttrock:

melkao: Thanks :thumbsup:


Great work Mark and nice concept just a thought I don’t think the cigarette is coming out too much can you go in a bit closer or perhaps change the angle so that it looks more visible and the lighting I feeling is too much and perhaps one of the reasons why the ciggy is not visible clearly can you just bring the lighting a tad down.

just a thought :))


Hey Mark,A Very BIG thanx for all of those explanations,for texturing and lighting setup…they are really great and thats very generouse of you to share the light setup with us,thanx a lot.
i just have one crit,dont u think the scene is a little too bright?i think thats becouse of the light which is hitting the scene from below,mayb high intensity…i donno but i feel that if the most sharp and powerful light in this scene wa that middle omni,it would be more concentrating…
thanx again,u rock!:thumbsup:


hey,real nice work,nice lights and textures.Good looking character.Wish you could have had a full second character done,instead of just that poster.That would have been better.That may hurt your chances of a better chance than top 15 shortlist I think.But still some real nice work man.


Always a great pleasure to follow your thread Mark… that come better and better… I take a seat and I watch… :thumbsup: