Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


Am workin’


After the previous bump…here comes an epidermal scatter map.


Displacement map. Used with a modifier in max. 3D displacement with SSS displacement shader is too slow to render. It’s just faster although details are depending on the mesh’s resolution coz it effects vertices. So there is a Turbosmooth under and over the Displace modifier. Under subdivision on iterations 2. Off in viewport of course.


Subdermal map. It shows the veins “under” the surface. These underlayers are colorful. It’s becouse am working with coloured lights and i want to keep them in actual color. So i used to paint these with stronger lilas and reds. Same thing with the epidermal scatter. This trick allows me to use stronger light colors and the final shader look will be more “realistic”. Instead of burning out by light’s strong sets.


And the diffuse.

Sorry friends but i have to sleep now for a few hours…sad but true. As you see am workin’ and please forgive me that i can’t post rendering right now. Am sad about it but am too tired to do the tweaks what i have to do. Till that i show what am WIPpin on and share my thoughts.

Have a nice day/night, and wish to you a few peaceful hours of work during the rush,



Fantastic texture work Mark… totally incredible :bounce: :bounce:

Just -> :applause:



Yep, wonderful textures!
I’ll keep this link for future reference, really good :thumbsup:


Hey Tremo, great texturing, I like the veins very much, looks so natural, I am really waiting how it will finaly look on the model :thumbsup:


Whoa so much maps…didn’t know the guy had so much in him :thumbsup:


yeahhh! they are great,as someone said,they can be really a great refrences for us,!at least for ME!
keep it up,Mark:thumbsup:


Impressive work, very impressive :bowdown:
Your texture skill seems to be as good as your modeling skills.
I’m hardly waiting your first renders :slight_smile:

Cheers and :thumbsup:


Amazing ! :applause:


hey that textures are very cool and revolting with that veins…very goo job:thumbsup:


awesome work tremoside, its really beginning to come together brilliantly, i’m certainly looking forward to your final. thanks a lot for posting you texturing process its a great help:applause:


:love: so, how can I learn to make such textures?

are you painting them?


Update is ready but i left my stuffs at home coz I lost my pendrive and i was in a hurry this morning too. So after my consultation at the university I’ll do a homerun and send all the things. That will be a lighting update.

[color=yellow]Lemog: Thanks Laurent! As i remember your Machineflesh work am freezing about that quality. I used to watch your updates about that and honestly that’s an inspiration :buttrock:![/color]

[color=yellow]Gunilla: Sounds good…your words like honey. After the challenge i will make a full PDF tutorial.[/color] I used simple brushes and simple “tricks” i will share my workflow too about detailing. What i used to do in Corel painter and in Photoshop. There will be a small comparison about them. Also some important things why i used those colors.

Crying Horn: Thanks my friend! Update is ready but am at school now, so you have to wait till afternoon (maybe 18pm).

3dRaven: Yes-yes, he has a lot of maps. Sad but i had to delete some of them…4 pieces…
Memory wasnt enough to work with Mapped glossiness and reflections weights…
I really like your work…so keep it up! :buttrock: and :beer:

Madlight_1988: If you can use anyithing from my updates that’s a good thing. I try to share everything about these, but time is pressing me. As it was mentioned before: i will create a tutorial about these things. I hope that could be useful. Keep it up! Your character is stunning!

el_newty: Light setup is comin soon! Your words are a lot of inspiration, thanks for that! Rendering is still a big question although am on the right way :smiley: .

jddog: Thanks! :bowdown:

melkao: Thank you so much! Veins are lots of fun…:scream:

conundrum: Hi my friend! Good to see you here! If my updates are helpful that makes me very-very happy! This is what a WIP is all about! :beer:

bealobo: :love: [color=darkorange]kind you’re! Feels good… So these are fully painted, nothing is used as references. Mainly i start with texporter (maybe you know…that plugin for max) normals.[/color]
It’s much more better tha a simple wire cos it keeps some 3D information. I’ve posted some of them in textures session. This is my backround in photoshop. I always start in Photoshop. Second step is: Create some solid color layers (usually 3 pieces, dark, mid, light) for overall colors. After that just painting the masks to define depth of the shapes…eyes dark, nose light, cheeks mid…etc. Coz these are painted on masks i only have to paint in black and white and just pressing “x” letter in photoshop to add or remove. Max can read well PSD files, so i don’t have to convert so i directly load these onto a material. Diffuse is the starting map. Almost every time. So when i cleaned up these main three colours i have to collapse them into 3 separated layers. All these things are painted with simple soft brushes. After the check in 3d. Fast renders to be sure about main colors. After all i turn to painter. It has a very-very good sense to paint textured materials. Lots of brushes lots of effects. Really a time saver if you don’t have special brush presets. I use Acrylic softs with low opacity. These are mainly for create scratches of the skin. It makes the diffuse texture much more “living” instead of photoshop’s smooth style. Of course you can do all these in photoshop, but painter is somehow different. So nexts…It’s always iportant to make differences. I mean: Don’t paint everything with the same technik. Small differences are needed. Changing pressure weight or operating on jitter sets or others. Why? Skin has different thicknesses and properties, depending on the area of the body. You know…red nose…red soft skinned ears…greasy-shiny areas which are usually smoother…around ears and nose…soft and very thin skin around eyes…Also good to know that what kind of scars have our model… everybody have some kind of scars…micro or big doesn’t matter…they’re. Usually fingers and forearms have more scars. Also you can find some little ones on nose. Ok back to the guideline. Finished in painter session…back to photoshop. Don’t forget to keep these things in PSD. In photoshop again i used to paint some detail tones. Not with normal layers!!! Mainly with darken, overlay and some else. Much more control you have if you operating with these.

Next: cleanup and saving into the right library…create sets and give name to all layers…add masks to details. Paint all the other layers…based on the diffuse. The only difference is…i like drop shadow brushes and/or drop shadow and emboss layers. Usually i paint a short useless line and setup these blending options. After that erasing that and paint the right stuffs. Good for veins, scars, bumps.

Final cleanup: Add blurs to sharp edges…on bumps and displace maps mainly. Define some patterns with pattern maker in photoshop. You can use it with pattern stamp tool. These are very good to create some overall layers for example skin cells…

I hope this short manual could be useful to you. I don’t know your interests about this topic so i tried to write about these things in general. If i can help you with othr things, please ask! If i have some time i will share it!

Thank all of you and have anice day/night,


Hey Brother! I’m curious to see your next update. :eek: I will try to see it tonight or I’ll do it first thing tomorrow, but I don’t promise… :shrug: You know this was our last day in the school! :buttrock: So after all…see you tomorrow!!! :thumbsup:


Sounds good…your words like honey. After the challenge i will make a full PDF tutorial.

[color=White]Excellent idea! I’d love to see it - I’ll keep an eye out for it :thumbsup:


man this is just missing some smoke in the malboro and in his mouth… but this is amazinngg !!

best luck… c ya !


Start with the match’s light. Read the notes for info.