Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


Gracias? Yes :slight_smile:

Tu estilo es muy bueno, como una ilustracion adaptable a cualquier tipo de trabajo :thumbsup:


hey Mark, congratulations in the honorable mentions!!

all the best and g’luck for the future


I would have hoped for a better classification, with my taste, but it’s already a great result and I’m really really happy for you, happy of your image was see as a masterpiece, and happy to have been able to contribute to it of my some little councils.
Just congratulations Mark :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Congrats Tremo ! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


Hey Brother! Congratulations! :applause: Honoruable Mention! YESOKAY! :thumbsup: I will be looking forward to see you in the next challenge here!..So keep it up, man! :smiley:


smaddl: Ok Man! :wavey:

gremil: Thanks but i don’t understand…maybe next time, till that i have to polish my language skills:)

Versiden: Thank you Martin! Am really glad about your results! You deserve it! Lot of work and you were pushed by time… :bowdown: See ya next time :thumbsup:

Lemog: Thank you my friend! Feels good what you say. Honestly i’m satisfied with my image and the mood of it. It was a bit different and more social kind than usual 3d topics. This mention is a great inspiration for me and now i think 3d is more than a hobby for me from this day! Thanks for your help and attention Laurent, you were my leader here! I thought you will win in top ten…your topic was really interesting and absolutely an important one… I hope we can work together soon at next challenge!

gpepper: Thanks!!!

sgabe: Thanks brother! Next time here!


Big congrats to you Tremo! I would have placed you even higher, since this was really one of my favourites. Best of luck for future work and see you in another challenge :wavey:


Congratulations for your top image.
See you in the next challenge.

Ralf Stumpf


Indeed…awesome work…loved watching your progress…hope to see more from ya friend.

Congrats.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


TREMOSIDE … just wanted to stop by and say congrats on your hononable mention … i would have liked to see you score a little higher but hey :shrug: … wonderful work and a beautiful final image … loved it all around

see ya maybe for the next one :thumbsup:


I’m happy for you you had a price because i realy love your image :slight_smile:


Congratulations Mark,

I hoped a higher rank for your image, but nethertheless congratulations on your award.

Just wondering why it´s still not in the choice Gallery as like a lot from the other winners??!!

See ya on the next Challengee
Cheers :beer: Alex


I am very glad to see Your work among hon.mentions (maybe it deserved better position, but still… this is a success!)
Hope to see Your future work in even better quality and style.


i also think your wonderful image deserve a price and hoped it would placed much higher. Congratulations for Honourable Mentions :applause: :applause::applause:


Hey Mark!
congratulations for the piece and the hon.mention :slight_smile:

It has been a pleasure to follow your work!


Hi all,

Thanks for your interest! So this was the result, no problem, the only thing which was heavy for me: that long period of waiting, i was deconcentrated with my exams at the university coz of that.

Am already working on the next competition for august 29. it’s a hungarian competition and i really hope i have more chance than here.

Now i will work abroad a few weeks but after i came back i will drop few things to the wip gallery or the ready image around the end of august.

I would be happy if my image could bee seen on choice gallery, i submitted…but noone knows…
so Alex i think it’s on the way, but nothing is sure.

Gunilla WildWire DimitrisLiatsos pigwater Elendil le Grand vampeta pedja.k smaddl bealobo

Thank you friends…again and again! I’ll be away from the net for a month i will work on an island with my friends…no computer just some good old tools…wrenchez and screwdriwers…
fine mechanic job :buttrock:

So more work from august…
have a nice vacation…day/night,


Went through the entire section,

Great work mate :thumbsup:


  • Dave


TREMOSIDE … just wanted to stop by and say congrats on your hononable mention … i would have liked to see you score a little higher but hey :shrug: … wonderful work and a beautiful final image … loved it all around


Thanks mate! You know it was my second honorable mention :slight_smile: I know my images are somehow dark/ironic/painful…or so. It comes from many reasons, but surely hard to find a compatible way to depict what’s in my mind and why. It’s a challange for advanced and “ready to sell struffs”. What i did again is not exactly this kind. And I also “violated” the rulez a bit with a nonhobbit, nonfairy, nonorc, nontale… based image. So It was a very-very good feeling to be there as a mentioned. Honestly, i do these challenges for my pleasure. Am working with engineers and architects daily, so CGTalk challenges are my shortcut to destroy boring rules of average life.



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