Master and Servant 3D Entry: Mark Endre Seljan


Mark Endre Seljan has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final_set

The Story

Odon starts smokin…he doesn’t like that but he is weak now. His habits are too strong. But the reason of his action is not just this habit. He holds a picture of his ex-girlfriend. The picture was taken years ago…somehow he found it again…
The night has come and he find himself alone in a dirty toilet. His memories are like storms in his head…
He stopped smoking few weeks ago but in this moment he needs it…
The cigarette character is grabbing the match and bite into the fire
…leading Odon back in time…

Idea behind the scene

We live in relationships. With each other, with our environment, with nature. These relationships are affected by hierarchy, emotions,
cultural backgrounds and the aspect of view. Master and Servant relationship
is just one kind of the million and i think it does not exist in a pure form.
There are always some reasons… As humans our emotions, instincts and habits are guiding us on the way. Sometimes we’re servants of our own ideas and habits…
just as my main character Odon is…

Thank you,

After a lot of work, here is the final one…I want to say my friends, without your advices and support it couldn’t be done. Special thanks to my girlfriend Ivett Anitics for her tolerance and love and to Laurent A. Lemog for his wise adwises. Also want so say a big thanks to my family, classmates and all the friends here at CGTalk…Thank you again :bowdown:

Mark E. Seljan


Here we go again… Servant and a master.
We are servants of our own bad or good habits. That’s the strongest relationship (I think). The question is,
who is the master and who is the servant? Sometimes we overwrite our wish because of an old and wrong habit. Shame or not, it’s true. Just play with the idea…Interesting.


Just say a big HELLO for everyone here! Some of you were miss my entry of the previous challenge. I was busy a bit… Some other competitions in architectural design, product design and i tried to sleep…no success. So am here again and wish you all the best!

Engines ON!


heya, welcome to the challenge…
great idea buddy

I like your sketching style :thumbsup:


I love your drawing style. And as a coughsmoker* I completely empathize with your concept! Good luck!


Okay love this idea and the sketch is wonderful looking forward to seeing the first model.


I like your idea(and ofcourse your sketching style).
However i feel you must be careful your topic might end up being an anti-smoking campange.
I am sure you’ll handle that.
Best of luck!!!


Nice to see you back here, Mark… Cool concept too, looking forward to see what happens next.



Hi Versiden, old friend…we’re in the same row again!

MetasynMan: Thanks I hope this idea will work! I have some smoking experience.

HammaJamma: I’m on the way…but busy days are coming, me and a team won an architectural competition titled “Hungarian Design Center”, so after some contracts i will be quite busy. Who cares…no sleep until the end of this challenge.

abz: I can handle that I’m smoking for thirteen years…but it’s a quite wrong habit although i like to smoke. Keep it up I will realize it…

See you soon…



great youre here!! im very happy to see you again my friend…ill be watching u!


Hey man… I’m too happy to see you here for this challenge… good sketch… simple idea but powerfull… see you soon my friend :thumbsup:


Some details in sketch, just for start modeling of the head of character: Odon


Look who is back in town…very nice to see you back amongst us Mark…:thumbsup:

i’ll pull up a comfortable chair and watch the show…be looking for those progress updates…

I like the concept,and the design is sleek…See you soon,and I wish you all the best…:arteest:


Nice concept…very stylish. Good to see you joined the challenge Mark. I really like what you did in the Machineflesh one…can’t wait to see how this piece will turn out.

On your marks…get set…SUBSCRIBE…:buttrock:


Virtuoso, 3dRaven thank you fro your kind words. I hope i am able to show up with something much more better than the machineflesh girl was, although time is always a problem. Till that welcome on the thread!


Hi Mark!

Good idea! (I’m also a smoker…)

Good luck for you!

És gratula a HDC-hez!

Peter Golem


great stuff so far, a nice original concept and there is a lot of chracter in him already, im looking forward to seeing how this progresses.


Hi There, cool concept you come up with, also, i like the sketch a lot. WIsh you loadsa fun and best luck! cheers:thumbsup: :wip: :beer:


Nice sketchwork! I will look forward to seeing your work move along. Good luck Tremoside.


nice idea (as a non-smoker again :D), can’t wait to see that in 3d…