Master and Servant 3D Entry: MANIKANT KUJUR


MANIKANT KUJUR has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: Master modelling WIP

I hav to make it fast …only couple of days r left…modelling a master…


I had started modelling Robo Mistress I want to make it attractive … Not like a tradition robo look


Modelling WIP…I will make futuristic robo mistress and his servant … I know I had start modelling before deciding the concept…well I will send my concept soon.


doing modelling hope it will come well


I got the concept …I m making female servant robo…his master fall in love with her…I will model master later


I wanna make robo attractive that’s why i am adopting different approach to model the robo…i m making it attractive which is different than traditional robots


cool modeling :slight_smile:
but could u send a sketch concept to see what the final comp will be like?


I will send concept tommorrow…I started modelling servant robo …will model human male servant later…lot of detailing


My concept is based on love so I m making robo servant attractive


fall in love with servant robo?..sound’s very interesting. youre models looking very nice good luck


I m detailing hand… it’s going good…anyone wanna comment


looks good man keep going:thumbsup:


In my concept there r only two characters , one is male master and another robo female servant.My concept is based on love .Both master and servant loves and cares for each other. In my concept the servant had a brain of human being but it’s body is not natural.Body looks like a robot but I don’t wanna give her traditional robo looks.


here’s the story of my concept sketch…
The master is a smoker ,smoked few ciggarette because of tension and mental stress . Because (his servant) this biological robo with brain knows that smoking is injurious to health .She warn her master about it’s disadvantages because she cares for her master .But his master ignored her because he is thinking of his problems.
SUDDENLY his servant snatched ciggarette from his mouth … and her master look at her without saying anything because he knows she loves and cares for him . He was confused" what to say her and what not to say ".He is angry with her but can’t say anything to her and can’t do anything because he loves his servant.


I have to do lot of work on facial expressions … I will give master a confused look because he is confused by his servant’s sudden action. And on the other hand his robo servant looks slighly anger with kidding in her behaviour.She is angry with his master’s smoking habits but in this situation she don’t wan’t to express her anger and simply snatch ciggarette without saying anything to his master with slightly CUTE anger expression on her face and kidding in her behaviour.


completed the head…any comments


Face of the robo has come up well… any comment


I m modelling Male Master…Any comment


I m modelling male Master… any comment


Well this is my male master modellin WIP …jst check it out my WIP and comment on it