Master and Servant 3D Entry: Longin Lionel


Longin Lionel has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: never the master is the one you think

This is it…

The final step is now submited.
I\'ve added some more post effects attempting to show it like a photographic picture, so, that the reason of the blur effect.
The attention is turn on the cat, because it is not as blurred as the rest, then the light is turn on it to but not only :wink:
I let you seek everything I\'ve put on the scene to show that the cat is the real master and not the proud girl.

Long job also finished…lots of insomnia night passed on it…
I\'m a little proud that I\'ve finaly finished it in time.

I probably could do better than it but no time at all to perfect it, and then, I\'m tired a lot… Not good to sleep one day by three or four ^^°°°

Good luck to everyone!


Hello boys and girls!!

This is my first time on this challenge and i’ll do my best on it :slight_smile:

I’ll submit my first WIP entry as soon as I could :thumbsup:

scuse for my english, I’ve not practiced it for a long time ago :sad:

Good luck for everyone!! :buttrock:


Kitty is a little cat.
Kitty’s just came back at home, then, while he was running in the house, a vase felt and crashed down on the floor.
So, Kitty’s master is very angry :wink:

I’ll try to show the sadness on Kitty’s eyes and guilt on face.


Fast drawing of Kitty’s head


Begining of Kitty’s head modeling.
A lot of details would be add with the fur and texture.


New concept.
The first one seems to be so simple, so, I’ve decided to start a new one also with Kitty :wink:
Here, not less than five different expressions.
I will probably put some demon’s wings to the master.
Background would probably be a caverne, depend on my inspiration ^^

C&C would be nice.


Could I have some comments please…? :sad:
Does my concept so bad that you don’t want to talk on it? :sad:


At first I thought you were creating the illusion that there was no master… Kinda a big circle, where no one really wins. Person A likes person 2, but person 2 likes person 3, and person 3 likes person one… and the only happy one is the cat…

But it seems as thought there is a master and everyone else is enslaved to her. Personally… this just being me… I would’ve liked it to be what that mentioned above. It just seems to say more.

But maybe it’s not something you wanna say…



Your first feeling was good :applause:
I’ve made this to show that could allways be another master.
The girl in the center is the master of the 3 others caracters, but one of them doesn’t matter of it, one else is jealous of the cat, because the girl’s cares are on it and the last is totally submissive to her.
At the and, the real master is the cat which has everything it want in it’s live.

Idea of the demon’s wings is just to put a metaphor showing the atmosphere, then, puting the girl on a “birdy” place which is the prey of the cat.
No more than a sign for the cat’s supremacy :bounce:
But I’m not sure on it, it could be a very distorted idea ^^


Begening of center girl’s modeling.


new version of the center girl.
Probably final version for head modeling.


This time, a new drawing for the indifferent girl lying on the floor with “cloth”.

The first drawing was a speed one.

Your comments are wellcome, this could help me on evaluating my job.


more, more, more! want to see these nice bodies in 3d :thumbsup: don’t forget about breaking the symmetrical look of the face to look it more natural. as we know nobody’s perfect :smiley: so should ours models. :slight_smile:
good luck!


Hi, I like your idea, it’s a good way to show emotions in a small enviroment where the master and servant relations are pretty explicit. with the model i think the mouth is a too low, the volume in the nose is great but the lower eye lids have a little too much volume… and maybe the cheekbones are a little too prominent but that’s just my taste :slight_smile:
keep posting!
thanks for the advise on my model.


New update, body’s mod and head modified.
Not a lot of details for the body, they would be made when head and body would be snaped together.

Thanks for your comments.

grooshka : Dont worry about the symetry, this would be made at the end ^^. Thaks for your interest

justsantiago : Thank you for your advices, I’ve changed the point that you shown to me.


Body and Head snaped and modified.
Details added to the body.
A nice day of unwraping, too funny ^^°°


eyelashs and helmet hair added.
I’ve modify the face and body.
Now, she’s finished on modeling.
Next step, the indifferent girl.
I’ve started her at all since a few days, so, she would probably come very soon :wink:

C&c are welcomes of course :slight_smile:


I really like the concept…Keep up the good work!


rynomyte : Thank you very much :slight_smile:

This is the second girl modeling.
I would make helmet hairs and eyelashs very soon.
Probably some changes on the modeling would be made on my next entry.

C&c are welcomes, thanks :slight_smile:


The cat’s mod is finished.
No more details on it I think.
C&c welcomes as ever :slight_smile: