Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


Elephant profile view is a little bit tricky. It has a curved nose here and makes it a little bit harder


Deciding where to start




Must extrude as far as the width can be seen on front photo


Have to make some mesh trims to get prepared for different width parts of the animal


As it can be seen here we reach the long nose




Some welding


Dividing the model






Elephant head


Elephant head


great start on the model… elephant hard animal to model but good luck man… looking good so far…
id say watch out for those tri’s and 5 sided poly’s in your mesh… gives a very unclean result… other then that good start


Wow kuzgunoglu
what a comlex project! Really lots to do. But I have no doubts you finish it in time! Modelling process very good organised :slight_smile: Especially I like how you worked with horse. Still need to texture mine, so now I see how it should look like!
Keep it on, mate :scream:


New additions to the composition


Another composition


I think that angle of view and composition is the best. What do you think?


Wow again. You are really showing some style and it looks so simple I now have red bruises on my forehead(ahh so simple. smackk!!!)

Please keep posting like this so we learn more.

Hocam ha gayret. İyi gidiyor ve hakikatten de herşeyi ne kadar basitçe yapıyorsun biz de şaşırıp kalıyoruz. Hemen ben de modellemeye başlıyorum. İzinden takip ediyorum hocam umarım yetişiriz bir gün.

İyi şanslar…



modeling the sixgun