Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


Thanks a lot, waiting for the critics also


MDN67, Sheep Factory, Arlutik, thanks very much for your valuable and boosting critics.

Gunilla and Deryk, thanks for your advises. Good ideas you have in your mind as I see now and I am really thinking to evaluate and implement over the scene. I can imagine what you mean let me say.
Keen and clever.

But I think I will wait before doing that a little bit till I prepare enough characthers and items to put on the ground. Then we can see the effect more clearly.


iyi sanslar Levent:thumbsup:
good luck,man
go on!


the swords are very cool. will you add some more lord-of-the-rings-like details later?


cool idea man :thumbsup:


Thank you GOKTUG and MARCUS_B

EKARADEMIR, I am planning of adding loads of medieval, renaissance, dark ages plus industrial era and modernised ages’ items on the ground


A battle axe.

Well Tonight I am planning to dispatch the viking ship tutorial hereby. Please be patient :))


Finally I am sending the “making of a drakkar”.

Well, lets start with the step 1. Here you see some suitable ship decks. I choose the largest one and extrude it for about 3 meters with several height segments. Later step 3 begins. Its a long and painful step, using FFD (free form deformer) but with a perfect result. As you can see in step 4, 5, 6 and 7 our task is to provide an appropriate ship hull by using, pulling and moving the FFD’s control points.


As you see in step 8 and 9 I have taken one quarter of the model and deleted the latter. Just because this is enough for me to mirror and finish the overall model again. In step 10 I used “shell” command to provide a thickness. In this stages you may use a FFD modifier to trim more the mesh to obtain a better look. Then mirror it 2 times and have a full ship. In steps 12 and 13 you can see attached and welded quarters apparently.


With a basic texture tryout, the shape seems like that.

Drawing a spline bounding the hull from profile and extruding it results as the “spine” of the ship.

I hope I will continue with the masts and sails tonight or tomorrow.


awesome work. needs more on texturing but initially so awesome. you are going on very well. the final image will be so cool.


I plan to put a child near his brother


A warplane I plan to put on the scene.


I am still not sure what to put on the scene. Huge big warriors and soldiers (therefore detailed) or a wide screen deployment with a view like Age Of Empires or Civilisation style appearance (therefore many many models but less detailed and also examples from different ages). Here again I am not sure about if I will put both of the soldiers here. The Anzac and German infantrymen.


Title tells


yes, another sketch


Thanks for your compliments.


I think people who know me are all familiar with the face here (from the past challenge). This is my base human model face.


Here is the base body.


in my opinion insert less characters. because i think the aim of this challenge is to picture the expressions and feelings on the faces of characters. if you put too many characters you may have difficulties in those aspects. maybe some small items of games like chess can handle the crowd. also putting two big toy soldiers as in the concept sketch can help to express feelings of the servant.