Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


Thanks a lot for the good comments and compliments. I am glad that people like the scene.

Here I want to add a warning about a lesson a had from the image submission process:

“Never wait the last day’s last moments near the deadline to send something. That may be disastrous and there is a possibility to miss the submissions. If you have an image what is about to complete (or already completed but needs some extra additions),forget about these additions which could be done at the last moments. Just send it hours or days before deadline.”


Hello there, excellent work on your final image, all the hard work that you put into it definitley payed off! :thumbsup: :applause:



Hey Levent,
You have an interesting image:thumbsup: , it is well done and congrats on finishing this image.


Woow I have missed out on a LOT here!

I was still under the impression of the earlier sketch composition lay out to be used (Even though you had mentioned earlier to me that things were going to change)… but this now looks so much more discriptive and screams out so many more messages!
Levent you have done a fantastic job here.
Entries such as yours are proving to me that my desicion on stepping down from the 3D competition was a very good idea! I wish you the best of luck with your work. It has a very dence compilation of messages. And I hope only the best to find it in it’s journey from here…

Hadi Hayirlisi olsun Dostum!



Wow! everything is going on in this piece! Nice symbolic elements! I dig playing chess!

check you later mate ! :smiley:



Nice original idea, nice execution too. Congrates on finishing, and good luck.:thumbsup:


nice concept and beautifull job my friend, wish you good luck!


heya… you’ve got a really good concept here mate, textures are really well done too, most notably the dress on the queen - nice work!

I think with a lighting tweak it could really come out photoreal, the models here are superb… I would love to see how it would look with hdri lighting



amazing work!!cool idea and design.great modeling and rendering.i love ur characters a lot.
congratulation on ur finish.good luck and hope to c ya around next challenge.cheers.:thumbsup: :buttrock:


Hi levent.:thumbsup:

I had not seen the final result of your work. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

. I like very well is very original.:bounce:

Much luck…y good work.:thumbsup:


hey master,
i was wrong about the concept till i ve read the story i guess. very cool finish. best wishes!


wooow cool man

wery interesting composition

wery nice :thumbsup:



Very unique concept with a great execution. Good luck:)


Very well ellaborated, complex and truly original work!
Really dramatic and interesting to examine!



Your art is very creative and I like very much the final surrealist composition. Your work becames more interesting when we see your w.i.p. and all the changes and new characters that were added into the scene.

The mood you created, hard lights with the chaotic composition, turned the scene suffocating and silently hopeless.





Show off. :buttrock:

The attitude you’ve instilled in each character is exceptional. The king is depicted well as the most humongous sod of all the pieces, able to do little, except hide behind a podium and demad sacrifices.

The floundering pawn on the left is whimsical, yet tragic. A fine contrast you have there, sir!

Chess should change its rules. The king piece should be allowed one atom bomb per game. If things get to tight, he is allowed to irridiate the board, and be the lone survivor in a nuclear wasteland.

Course, chess might loose it’s appeal then.

Also, I think these challenges are setup to make sure everyone submits their entires at the last minute. It keeps the forums active for months on end.

If everyone finished early, members might try something cheeky, like go outside and chase butterflies or some such shenanigan.

In any event, you fought off the last minute gremlins, and produced a top quality work.

Also, thanks for the generous comment on my really dreadful slop wad. Though I wish I could kick it in the teeth, and make it go down a hole. :shrug:

Hope to see another entry from you in the next Challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work Levent!


Thanks for the comments. All the positive and negative critics got useful for the project to have a better shape i think.

teshekkurler millet


Great concept and beautifull work!

Good luck:thumbsup:

i am sorry too late.


eline saglik kuzgunoglu!

your have such an inspiring style