Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer








Fast work, hope you make it. Err, not sure if it’s too late but the elephant’s chest could come out more. Keep going.


about to complete. just one character lasts to add.








I hope your final touches bring you the victory.


Sorry you ddin’t make it. There is always next time. See you around.


EKARADEMIR, thanks for your good wishes. I hope soon we see you in any following challenges. Really I want that.

ACE4016, I have finished the last WIPs. There was a internet problem probably you don’t see them here. I hope that will be fixed soon. I saw your page also. Cute caharacters, clean scene but sad story. Wishing the best.


Thanks. I hope so either.

I think you would have probably submited your final job days before, if you hadn’t changed your mind so late. Anyway, I saw your work before (Mevlana Animation I guess). I admire you.
Best wishes.


I Glanced through your pictures and i Have to admit that the material of skirt is a sucess.
What a pity you can finish it would have been a real great image.
I hope you’ll continue this and make it finished.



I added smoke and shading effects and multiplied them with photoshop. Noticed that the word at the tip of the lance should be reversed. Shot was taken just before the queen crown was added


Crown added. Clothes more realistic with the -additional handmade shadows-. Some more…
I think that is the final for this project. That seems enough for scene to represent the >master and servant< idea for me.

Infact I imagined many concepts but this was the most remarkable one amongst the others. It gives a feeling of some kind of a tragedy, owned by one -spendable pawn-. Having the pressure of plastic world’s plastic causes’ plastic deaths. Having orders from all around; different masters, different ranks, different purposes… Hard to tell but easy to understand I think. Feeling of being a spendable one maybe one of the worst feelings ever experienced.

I tried to reflect the moment of defiance. I hope it is ok.
I wish the best for all.
Let the best wins.


Great finish Levent. Congrats. Glad all complications were resolved. I like how the pieces remain ivory. Good luck and best wishes.


An interesting chess game, crazy and original image, well done.


I didnt see this image till now. :slight_smile: New discoveries from day to day. I like your image nice one.


great final!! great details, just now noticed the elephant :applause:
congratulations and good luck :thumbsup:


Very nice final, Levent!
All energy and hard work you put into this really comes through - congrats :thumbsup: