Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


I think this elbow is better. :slight_smile:




Pawn’s body finished. - for now :slight_smile:


Your really putting forward some effort here levent…I think that you’re efforts are paying off,and the overall plan is a good one that has grown up real nice here…i really like seeing passion behind ones efforts,and I see it here clearly…Keep it strong,and best of luck:arteest:


Pawn’s head


I want to add a fed up, sad, raged and regretful expression to his face. Not easy. In these first steps it even may be mistakenly appear as laughing.


Ah now it started to yell I think.


What do you think?


you are good going my friend.continue yor assertion.:buttrock::buttrock:

levent kardeş şu boynundaki halkadan karaktere uyacak bi şekilde bileklerinede yaparsan ii olur bence.böylece daha bi satranç taşına benzer.:thumbsup:


Kuzgunoglu … yah, he’s lookin sad, tired, regretful look going … it’s coming out good … like blackdidthis said, the ferocious amount of work your pumpin out is impressive and inspiring … i go away for a week or so and it’s like a completely different thread … your go juice must be runnin low with all that’s going on here :wip:

gonna be watchin when i can to see this all come together … great going


W:eek::eek::eek:W Dude

What re you doing?! You created a whole Universe!.. COOL!

That´s incredible work!! realy!! and i like your conzept.

Please hurry up! only 3 day´s left (and think about the page traffic on the last day when everyone wants to upload his image…!

Good luck to you & See ya in the Voting!
Keep on Rocking!



Dudes thanks vey much for your heart strenghtening messages.


Nearly completed the starring one


Ouhh! You’ve really been working madly lately - and with such good results! The pawn looks really good, very expressive pose. Congrats for impressing work so far and good luck for that final rush :thumbsup:


I like the concept, and good modeling. Keep going, time is running out. Hope to see you at the finish.


Rightmost rider
(knight) Horse.
Whatever it is.
Open to crits.


hey thats turned out real nice levent…real nice job and effort here,keep it strong right to the finish,you are doing a real nice job here…:arteest: :arteest:


New scene proportions. New composition. A brand new world. :).


I’m stunned before your progress since I visited last. As a beginner in 3D, I have learned much from you. You definitely are inspiring me and boosting my courage for learning much about modelling and texturing. I’m impatiently waiting the final result. Good Luck master.


Addition to the composition.