Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


Some attempts to see background effects


Added the neckpiece and started hand and arm


Chessland Leaders Place :))


Lets continue to tank building. I have some references here as you see.


Wheelset is so important here. This model of tanks are distinguished with this features mostly. I have chosen the latter type, not the old bogie type.


Textured basicly whilst adding more features.


Some special textures (mainly blend type and mix type materials, olive drab, brown resembling mud and earth, black resembling the oil artifacts and unforgetable rust red.)


Here is a ready wheel set. Next step will probably be the complete set and tracks.


good going very well…

ii şanslar.dereceye girmeni yürekten isterim…


Modeling the tank (It is the second elephant indeed.)


Texturing and smoothing the body




Trying to finish pawn


Reorganizing the vertices in the shoulder area.


Lenghtening the arm.


Elbow is a hard point.


I just KNEW it!!
I stay away for only a day and I see miles of hard work with you… when I stay away as long as this many days it was definate to have to spend an hour looking through!!
Levent; your work is progressing VERY impressively! When a guy odes it a guy does it eh? Your hard work is really starting to pay off! Good Luck!

As much as I REALLY liked the last compocited post for the atmosphere… I liked the nebula ora in post#280 as well. You are reight… it sure needs an atmosphere…
But as I recall from your composition sketches you had the BG literally covered up with towering figures didn’t you?

mm in any case… you are not allowed to call me Mr. tutorial any more! :slight_smile: You have ddefinately beaten me to it! Buyuksun baba! :thumbsup:



Levent, great modeling so far, I won’t add to much Black before me, and since he writes novel for everybody, always keep an eye on his comments, he was very useful for my challenge he always makes good points


Joined the upper and lower arms


I wish you the best.

Black I think the whole composition will be a little bit more complicated than the one I dispatced before. It is hard to tell and there is not much time left. I think it is better to show it simply :).