Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer








interesting concept,:thumbsup: I have desire to see the final result good
continuation :slight_smile:


I think this is ok for now. What do you think? Open the crits…


Cigar, modeling and texturing


A helmet. A general’s one.


nice updates. you are really fast! i think pawns look so much like plastic. it would be good if you could give some personality to their faces, like expressions etc.


Sad pawn


Hi levent…You have shown quite the load of work here…And all done well,and keeping within you’re plan real well…Nice efforts and the results are showing through with the efforts levent…best of luck with you’re final touches…:arteest:


Sad pawn with background “world”.


Poor, sad pawn


Poor, sorry and sad pawn with a depth of view


Sized head


Hi kuzgunoglu

came to see how you are going. very nice progress. lot of work. i think the light on his thigh is too bright. your horse is great ( saying it again). keep up the good work :thumbsup:


watching your challange is like a tutorial of modelling :smiley: you’re good


Here is a Taaaaaaank !!

I bet many would not expect to see that damn TANK in the chess board mess.

Lets start with that.


EKARADEMIR, thanks a lot my friend. I feel myself owe you so much just because of your continous morale boost. I am thinking of adding expressions.

VIRTUOSO thank you so much also. You are incredibly modest against your popularity and talent.

SMADDL, LEHO, thanks a lot for your positive critics and compliments.


Maybe this is the final place of the pawn.


Here there must be an atmosphere